6 DPO and not feeling positive

Hi all,

im currently 6 dpo and im not feeling optimistic, probably because im that impatient, i tested this morning and it was negative (which i knew it would be because its too early).

Im symptom spotting like mad and now im not sure what is real and what is in my head! (if that makes sense). Ive had some creamy CM since ovulation and i feel 'full' in my lower abdomen. Had some very mild twinges and 'pinches' but again not sure if this is normal for me and im just reading too much into it. Also very emotional, moody and can feel myself welling up at the silliest things. We've only been trying for 2 months which i know isnt long but im just so impatient, the wait is getting me down and i don't know how many months i can keep this up!

I know we are all in the same boat but just needed to 'vent' image x:\?
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