Ok I got scared! Thought i was at CD01 :cry:

CD 63
God I so want her to stay away so much!!!

I was at work and i had major lower back ache and stomach cramps and I felt it more when i sat down. I went to go and do a job and i proper panicked as i could feel the blood coming out (tmi sorry) So i finished my task quickly, went to my bag and got a tampon then went straight to the loo,
GUESS WHAT?!?!?! Nothing there! Whats going on?
Before i went to the loo i swear i could feel it and i couldnt help but feel gutted as i thought my AF arrived. That blood and urine test would of been a waste of time. :cry:

Now im home from work and im completely pain free, i dont get it.



  • Was there any Cm there hon? Could it have been something like that that you felt?

    I had bad lower back pain in funny spurts when I was preg with ds, although didn't know I was preg at time. Was horrible, and coupled with the aching (.)(.) thought it was my mattress and forced hubby to buy me a new one image

    Just wish you had those results so you knew what was goin gon. Have you tested again or are you waiting for doc? Maybe you are so scared that AF will come that you thought you felt it but it was only CM? Grasping at straws here! BUt the fact AF isnt here is a good thing, so cling onto that.

    When do you get your results again hon? xx
  • Hiya garfield,

    Yes there was just cm, i was quite shocked as i was almost definate it was my AF, it really felt exactly the same as when i start my 1st day, horrible lower back ache and cramps.
    My dr didnt tell me anything about when to phone for results, she just said to make an appointment to go through the results. But most people ring up anyway. Ill give them a week, Ill phone them on wednesday as i go away on thursday.

  • I had exactly this yesterday and the day before... absolutely convinced I'd felt it flow! Fingers crossed hun!
  • Its so scary, Ive been completely symptomless this morning, Although in the middle of the night, i woke up coz i felt really unwell, I didnt feel sick, just didnt feel right. I feel ok now, just got a headache which ive had since yesterday so just took some paracetamol.

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