waiting game now

my af due on friday ive been sick bad tummy pains all signs being pg but feel like its 2 good b true,, already took test which says 4days b4 ur af but was bfn not sure what to do now,, any1 else going through same thing xxxx:\?


  • Yes, me too. My AF due today but no sign of it....... I tested on Monday and got a BFN, I used a CB test and people have told me that they are not very sensitive....... I have just bought a SD test as these are very sensitive. What test did you use?

    I have been feeling sick on and off........and have actually been sick a few time, my boobs are bigger and I have been really tired........

    Dont know weather to do my test today or wait until tomorrow. What do you think?
  • i used sainsbury homebrand 1 so im not sure really do i just wait til af due then take another 1,,id test today but if you wanna wait just be sure do it in morning hun awww good luck sounds like you are xx
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