Feeling so sad and unhappy at the moment..... :cry:

OK before i start i want to say sorry as its Valentines and a Happy day but i have noone elce i can tell how i am feeling to as my best and closest friend is also my OH sister........

I just want to cry ALL the time and for no reasion really. Me and OH have been disagreeing (sp??) alot over our son as he is playing up at the mo - he is having terrible 3's he was good kid at 2 it saved a year just as we thought we skipped therrible 2's we just got it a year late.
I am the mean mummy(stay at home mum) who is always telling him off and when i give in (not often) but my OH has ago at me.... My son said the other day that he doesnt like me sometimes coz all i do is tell him off.... My OH doesnt know how this feels as he doent really have to telll tyler off much (he works 10h a day)
We have been together 7 years and had 1 fight.... but i am finding it really hard to hold my toung and even when i tell him how hw makes me feel i end up saying sorry or feeling like the one who is out of order....
To make it worse i forgot him birthday :\( so did his sister but it was me who he had ago at and didnt speak to all morning then he went off to work and text me saying he had a sh** bday coz i forgot..... hang on i had said sorry a million time he forgot my bday and Valentines day last year and his sister STILL has NOT given him anything and i got him 2 DVD set's that he wanted....
Just feel like i cant do anything right in his eyes at the moment.....

His sister is planning her wedding and even things about that he had moaned to me about - OH and i are the only part of her side of the family going to the wedding and i am bridemaid so she want me at the top table this means OH has to sit with people he doesnt know... so he moand to me for HOURS....
I did get some say in the dress but i dont even want to sit at the head table..... Coz i am fat last thing in the world i want to do is eat infront of people... I dont eat out i hate the thought of people seeing me eat... so i am not looking forward to it at all.....

My oh has given up on ttc.... He think it will never happen so whats the point :cry: he did get me some OPK's from ebay :\) but now all i get is whats the point your not going to get pregnant anyway... he has been like this for so long its hard to stay full of PMA i might as well give in and go back on the pill and just accept that i am only ment to have 1 child and i am lucky to have a lovely boy and he is lovely most days :lol: I am looking forward to when he starts nursary and we wont have to spent 24/7 together.... oh god that sound so so bad...... I AM A BAD BAD BAD MUMMY..... :cry:

Sorry for the long sad moaning post... and sorry about the spelling i cant stop crying and it hard to see at the min :roll:


gems x


  • sorry you are having a bad time. as you know, 1 row in 7 years doesnt necessarily mean there are no problems. especially if the reason for that is you dont ever disagree with him, even though you do. sometimes a row can air issues and you move on, rather than holding on to them.

    does your son got to nursery at all? could you put him in for 1 or 2 mornings a week so he gets the idea from someone else that there are ways to behave. and i am sure your son likes you all the time, he just doesnt know how to express himself fully yet. and being male he may never be able to :lol:

    with regards to ttc, why do you have to go back on the pill? if you stop actively trying with opks etc that's one thing, but why not just go without contraception? you might even get it more if hubby doesnt feel the pressure of the poas at the end of each cycle.

    now your sil. obviously you have a close relationship with her but you cant compare your relationship with your husband with his sister's. you need to just concentrate on the two of you, not how he reacts to his family. at the wedding, if you are at the top table will he then hve to look afetr you son? could that be the reason for his issues? becasue that's hard work!

    finally, nobody is going to be watching you eat! unless you have terrible table habbits, then they might... they are going to have not eaten in hours and so they will be concentrating on their own meals.

    did hubby remember valentines day this year? if not, make him suffer. i have found an unwritten card and unwrapped present in a carrier bag in our food cupboard this moning, with a bunch of roses inside a drinks beaker and hubby is still in bed. :lol: but he tries!


  • Thank you for your reply. just me moaning on really image

    I have an unwritten card for Valentines day :lol: as OH went off to work at 4.30 thismorning.
    my son goes nurary in sept so that will be better.
    We stop ttc in sept anyway and i am having the coil or implant.

    Sorry for going on and if i sounded like a moaning baby image

    Hope your hubs gets up soon xxxx

    gems xx
  • Hi Gembags,

    You're not moaning, it's best to get these things off your chest.

    Maybe you and hubby need to just have a chat about how you feel, You're not a bad mummy for wanting your little one at nursery, it will be hard being together all of the time and being the authoritarian too. It will do you both the world of good.

    Also, if you and SIL are really good friends, you could ask if you could sit with hubby and just say he's not keen on being on his own, you don't even have to tell her about the eating thing (I am the same and can't eat in front of strangers).

    TTC can be so stressful, would you consider having a month off just to see if that brought stress levels down a little and might ease things a little.

    Sorry, I'm not the best at advice but you can come on here and let off steam as much as you like, no matter what day of the year it is.


    V xx
  • Thank you iam feeling much less strssed out...

    I have been on BE 1 year+ and i had to look up HTH lmao hahahaha

  • My friend discovered what BTW stood for the other day, don't know if I'm worried more about me knowing pretty much all of them or her for not knowing. he he he.

    Glad you are feeling better, you should treat yourself to a nice massage or head and shoulder massage or something. I swear by it.

    V xxxx
  • Thank you. I went for a walk and chilld out & and made my boy tired image

    Trixy is that ur cat??? I have been trying to sus it out for a while lol xx i have just looked at her and think i sused it out is she covering its face(sorry for the she if its a boy i always say she as my cats a she :lol: )
    gems x
  • Hth means???

    Gem me and Hubby can't go 7 hours without arguing!!

    I'm sure Tyler will grow out of it and even at that age they know how
    to play mum and dad off against eachother to get what they want!

    Hope you cheer up Hun xxxxx
  • Hi there

    Yes Gembags, that is my cat, it is Olly, he is a little poser. He stretches out as soon as the camera comes out. Bless him. My other cat runs away as soon as the camera comes out, Glad you are feeling better, it does help to get things off your chest doesn't it?

    Baby-princess, HTH means hope that helps.

    V xxx
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