Am in such a grump

Hey girlies,
Just wanted to have a moan and my poor hubby seems to be listening to it all the time. So I thought I would come on here if thats ok.

Well in the last 2 weeks 2 friends have announced their pregnant both in the first month of trying. Am so chuffed for them, but am my pma has just gone out the window today.

It's not that I am desperate to be pregnant right this exact second (well maybe I amimage ), but just to know that it is going to happen eventually.

I have always been so healthy, fit and looked after myself. But this ttc lark it doesn't seem to make a difference. Up until now I have been laidback and letting nature take its course.

Ok, I feel better for letting off steam.
Thanks x:\)


  • Hi m2b79,
    I know how you feel, it seems ever since I've been ttc everywhere I look there are pregnant women. It'll happen to us soon.
    Good luck x
  • Me too, my cousin (6 yrs younger than me) has just announced an unplanned preg with her no hoper b/friend! also my best friend is preg (who I am genuinly happy for as she has been trying for 6 months) and another teacher at school is on mat leave. Its everywhere.
    I am feeling low too but need to stop being so down with OH.

  • I know how you feel... I think it's because you want a baby so bad that all of a sudden everyone is pregnant!!!
    I had a mc in March and was due 6 November - during this past week, 2 of my friends have annouced they are due babies THAT week... I will be a mess if I'm not pregnant by then :roll:
    Hang in there and moan all you like - I think alot of ttc mommies feel like you at one time or another - I know I do right now!

  • Hi hun
    I know how you feel we are on month 10 ttc. My hubby and I were only saying the other day that it wouldn't be so bad if someone could tell you when was gona be your turn! Just have to think positive every month and know that it will happen one day.
    Hugs X
  • Hi hun,
    I know how you feel. Pregnant people everywhere! My sis in law is due to drop next week image

    I too look after myself, go to the gym, eat well etc and I had a mc a couple weeks ago! It doesn't seem to count when it comes to ttc and pregnancy!

    Good luck tho! Onwards and upwards eh!
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