someone tell me im still in with a shot...


Since about 7dpo I've had very sore nips and cramps. I was convinced I was pg so since monday (cd27) I've done 7 hpts. I've used clearview (cheapie version of cb I would think) and there all negative. However I've also done 2 tesco and 1 asda own brands and they've got very faint lines, but there pink. So I brought a 1st response and that's negative! I'm now cd29 and with my last pregnancy I didn't get bfp until cd49 so could be early! AF has obviously not shown up yet.

Could the supermarket own brands be detecting something 1st response isn't? I had an mc last month so I'm worried that they could be picking up hormones left from that? Its been 5 weeks though and I was sure I got bfn's about 10 days ago.

I know its not over until AF shows and I'm not sure of my cycles since mc and given how long it took me to get bfp last time!

Please find me some pma, I feel so sorry for myself this week image


  • You sound like me! What's going on?!?! image

    If it took until CD49 in the past to get a BFP I'd say you're not out. I think I would do ONE test every other day either until you get a BFP or the wicked witch makes an appearance... Seven tests is a lot! Wow! I blew my grocery budget this week on four!


    PS - forgot to ask - did you ever get a BFN after your mc? If not, the v v faint line could be from that... Hang in there! Fingers crossed for you...

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  • Yeah I thought id got bfns about 10 days ago but I never examined them like I am now tbh.

    SIL had a baby Monday and I just feel so sorry for myself tbh! And it sucks that you've had to put it on hold!

    Life eh?! It all comes at once!

    Good luck for the future hun
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