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bit worried

im using ov sticks this month and starting using them 9 days into cycle as it said on packet im now on day 14 but no sign of ovulating starting to get a bit worried as this is first time ttc and was on pill for 14 years before ttc can anybody give me advice pls:\?

sarah xx


  • Hi there sez 31, min said 11 days into cycle and I ovulated on days 14/15. How long is your cycle? amy x
  • ive only had two cycles since coming off pill first was 28 days second was 26 days
  • I ovulated between day 12 and 16 so it can vary. Keep using them and you might ovulate in next day or two. It's poss for you to miss an ovulation some months and still have a period but might not be that. More likely just be your cycle getting back to normal and you haven't ovulated yet. Try not to worry too much. I used those sticks but actually find watching out for the 'egg white' CM is more reliable for me to tell when I am ovulating so if you haven't noticed that this month so far maybe you haven't yet. xxx
  • Hmm, Maybe try testing a couple more days? I'm Using advanced LH and they're supposed to be the most accurate home ov test kit but don't they all boast that?! Don't give up hope just yet, wishing you good luck babe. Amy x
  • thanks girls, how frustrating is ttc! never thought it would be so complicatedlol
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