I need some advice please (symptom spotting *blush*)

Could sore nipples be seen as a pregnancy symptom? I've had really sore nipples for about 4 days now! My boobs aren't sore and don't feel any bigger, it's just my nipples when I *tweak* them! They feel sort of bruised but I'm not being rough with them and there's no discolouration, they're just very tender. I must sound like a right plonker but I can't stop thinking about maybe being preggers and all this symptom spotting is driving me insane. The sore nipples are the only real symptom I can think of...I've had a few stomach cramps and a couple of twinges here and there but there's nothing else really. I'm doing a test on Thursday but I would like it if someone could tell me if I'm being ridiculous. I'm going to be gutted come Thursday if this test comes back negative...then again I've done so many bloody tests that come back as negative I don't think I'll ever see that second pink line!

Rant over!


  • Thanks Keri-Anne! Yeah, that's what it feels like for me, it's only really sore when I tweak them but I can certainly feel my t-shirts brushing against them and when I lie on them. It's very strange to me because my they've never really been very sensitive!
    Thank you again m'love x
  • I had sore nipples with my first pg....They started to crack a little too which i know is a bit odd so early on!but it stopped at about 8 weeks which is when my nausea kicked in!! Hope its a good sign, good luck fot Thursday xxx
  • Thank you Shopaholic_Lea...I'm really hoping it's a good sign! Finding it so hard to wait until Thursday but I have the morning off work so figure it'll give me the chance to get over another negative or to throw a sickie if it's finally a positive! Haha!
    Mhm I'm just the same Keri-Anne! I keep feeling them to see if they're still sensitive, I'm going to look like a right creep if anyone sees me! My partner's caught me grabbing them a few times but I've not explained what I'm thinking to him (he thinks I'm mad enough already)! xxx
  • Was the first real symptom i got this time, then came the cramps a week ago, then BFP on saturday, so no, you're not being a plonker image

    Good luck
  • Thank you Mrs Clareabella image I've had a lot of cramping today so I though AF was on her way but she's not reared her ugly head yet. Seriously though...I was in work and getting a lot of period-pain type cramps and was adamant that when I went to the loo something would have started but not a dicky-bird. Fingers crossed it stays that way and I don't wake up to her in the morning :/. They've worn off now after a long hot shower and it's only 7.30pm but I'm tucked up in bed like a good girl image. Thank you again for replying m'love xxx
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