Hello all!! So I am kind of trying to have a baby ("kind of" meaning I'm okay with not having one if I turn out to not be pregnant, although with all these symptoms I would be disappointed). I've been having symptoms that I hope aren't all in my head...my boyfriend (DB??) had just gotten back from a deployment on the day I believe that I was ovulating May 24...I felt as if AF was coming but I had just gotten off of my period 2 weeks before...and she's never come that early. Anyway, of course with DB having been gone we did the deed a few times the whole week...so this is my list of symptoms and I'm also wondering if any other ladies out there are around 9 dpo...
0 DPO: odd twinges and pre AF cramps; no CM
1-5 DPO: Slight nausea and constipation, little twinges in uterus...very light also a lot of creamy CM
6 DPO: Nausea and creamy CM, exhausted, woke up hot for maybe an hour
7 DPO: Nausea and CM has gone down a lot, exhausted, hand fell asleep, pain in the body out of nowhere, woke up hot again and restless
8 DPO: Exhausted, first day back to work...fired M16, which makes me wonder about my 9DPO lower back pain because we fired lying on the ground so the pain could be from that, I felt very dizzy and lightheaded, which can also be attributed to being in the heat and shooting although I rarely get dizzy or lightheaded being in the heat. I was irritated, and when I got home, before I could finish taking off my uniform I fell asleep on the floor, had a very vivid dream. I was also extremely nauseated; I had a gyro for lunch, which I know for a fact wasn't bad, but I couldn't finish it later on. I couldn't eat anything but chocolate covered strawberries and seafood salad The smell of DB's food nauseated me as well as this satsuma oil he was burning. I was exhausted, at any point of the evening around 6-9 pm I could have closed my eyes and been out until morning. During the night I had very vivid dreams and I had hot flashes on and off to where I would kick off the covers and put them right back on maybe 4 or 5 times. Also very restless.
9 DPO: Woke up nauseated and exhausted. Had physical training this morning, had that back pain i talked about in 8 DPO, went and got on the elliptical. After elliptical I was very lightheaded and sweaty, the lightheadedness is typical for me after that, but the ridiculous sweat, not so much. While I was lifting weights, I almost passed out on the bench, which is not normal for me. I was just overall not myself this morning. I'm at work now and my right BB had a sharp light pain in it then it went away, I've got little pains in the right side of my back and I feel nauseous although I've eaten and drank 3 bottles of water. Also there was some creamy CM I noticed. Oh! And my areolas appear darker and DB made a comment about my BBs looking bigger this morning after I showered.

Also, my nipples have been sore since around the time I think i ovulated...

WHEW! Okay. That's it for now, I will return later for updates...I'm excited to have a baby, but like I said, I don't want to get my hopes up. I have been diagnosed with PCOS and am on metformin, have been since August or September 09, but I'm still very skeptical. Anyway, baby dust to all who are trying!!

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  • Correction on 0 DPO, there was EWCM...sorry!!
  • there are so many signs that can mean pregnancy and also the same signs for AF. i honestly had no signs at all that i was pregnant, even now at almost 7 weeks i still feel 'normal'.

    you only have a few days till your AF is due and hopefully she wont come. sounds like you did the deed at the right time though so fingers crossed x
  • Well, my AF is due either saturday or monday, I believe, and usually I'll have a little cramping a couple of days before and crazy emotional instability. Today I feel fine. Yesterday I went (slap on the wrist) to the clinic and got a qualitative blood test...BFN and a lot of disapointment and sadness...but I still have faith...I hope she won't come either...thank you!! And congrats to you on your pregnancy!!!
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