The witch!!

Oh well, the witch found me yesterday evening. Although I didn't really think we had done it I am so gutted and though we were in with a chance as i was 17dpo. Well, I've been depressed for a day now so can't mope forever, back to smep, sasmar and opks also staying off the alcohol- haven't drank since nyeve, both of us are eating a bit of honey every day, drinking decaf green tea and got hubby on the pregnacare conception for men. Fingers crossed for month 6 and hopefully my pma will have returned before the witch leaves.


  • big hugs honey-sending you lots of happy thoughts.

    x x x
  • I'm with you on that one Kaiti B...The witch got me this morning image Been feeling soooo down all day! Its sucks...really tried not to get worked up this month, but I was SS as usual! Really need to stop.

    Hoping my PMA comes back real soon!!!! This hurts so much!

    Hoping you feel better too & roll on our Feb BFP!!!! image x x
  • Sorry to hear that sweetie, keep on going. Go and curl up with a small glass of wine and a good film! (((hugs))) xxx
  • i'm with u both too, she got me today!!

    i feel so so down and refuse to SS ever again, they jus fill my head with crap!

    bottle of red is ready to be drank, sod the stayin off it, it clearlydoesn't work no matter what i try and do!!!

    hope u feel better soon, think this ones gonna take me a while to get PMA back xxxxx
  • Sorry, can I just ask what 'SS' is? :\? New to all this and it seems like i'll have to learn a whole new language! lol :lol:
  • Thanx girls I don't know what i'd do without you all, it's so hard sometimes isn't it. But my pma will be back by cd8 ready for smep. Sun_Shine ss is symptom spotting- Don't do it cos it's soooo addictive!
  • Cheers for clearing that up for me - I think I'll probably be a serial ss offender though! Think it must be nigh on impossible to resist!
  • Hi Kaiti sorry to hear the witch got you hun, fingers crossed for next month chick
  • sorry to hear that kaiti b. fingers crossed for next month. xxx
  • ah thats panys sorry she got you x
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