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Night nurse- FAO Tors123

Just looked this up online. Apparently one of the ingredients promethazine in it can cause false results on pregnancy tests. Depending on what you read can lower or raise hcg levels so could be false positive or negative. Please test again when out of your system. Plus also if ttc or after ovulation be careful what you take as may not be safe in early pregnancy.
Tors hope you get your bfp soon. Good luck to all tesing soon, and could someone please tell AF she has outstayed her festive holday and bog off. Many thanks. Filo x


  • thanks very much filo trying to just have paracetomol and vicks only resort to ight nurse when can't sleep still not had af still hate choc and crave haribo and boobs killing me so giving it another week or so if still no af will test again

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