I like asking this one??



  • Ahhh.... morning sickness is the devil in disguise I'm afraid and can happen at any time of the day. One of my friends is fine until 4pm and then bam!
  • Really? Hmmm. Resolve on not testing is weakening rapidly...

    God, isn't it hard not to test? I mean REALLY hard?
  • I am lucky, i am on half term (i am a teacher not a school girl though haha!!) have finished all my reports yippee!!
    ps- don't use asda tests they are rubbish!, had a mmc, had some bleeding so took a test 10 days later to see if that was mc, they came back NEGATIVE! thought i had mc, until i did a first response test which came back positive!
    Back to TTC again now though!
  • Sorry to hear about your mc, chocolate cake.. Couldn't do your job - sorry. I work in early years and that's hard enough. how old are yours?

    Flush... when is your af due? Can you really write 5 chapters about an iron?
  • Choc cake - thanks for the tip. I will splash out on a CB one instead.

    Or at least, I will when I have some reason apart from absence of AF to think I'm up the duff!

    Half term sounds such fun, lucky thing.
  • Working. Can't help being on here though, makes me feel a little closer to where I really want to be ... at home with a baby!
  • flush how can you not test!!
  • Socks, I so, so want to test but I feel the longer I leave it, the more chance I have of a BFP. Its not logical, I know.

    Taffy: AF was due on 11th May, and I did a test on 20th but BFP (although it was an Asda test, so now I'm wondering...). But apart from 11am sickness this week, I've no reason to think I'm pregnant. No breast soreness or anything.

    Five chapters: yes. They're only about 600 words each though. Not like book chapters.
  • You don't always get symptoms ... I can't believe you're being so good! i would be testing everyday (like I did last time) - try a clearblue. When do you'll think you'll test next?

    i like it socks!!

    So officially we should all be working!
  • Well, now I want to try today! I don't know. However long I can hold out, I suppose.

    I've not been checking when I ov or anything so I literally have no idea if I am or not.

    But yes, we should all be working but I reckon its time for a lunch break!

  • Blimey! Iron copy sounds tedious Flush, and I don't suppose you can get away with waffling the way I do about wine!!!

    Its not bad Taffy - and I tend to have a half a glass most nights. My doctor told me if I stayed within my weekly allowance, it wouldn't make a significant difference on TTC. I'm gonna take his word for it. The odd wiff of Pinot is the only thing that keeps me sane during this TTC lark...

    As for pg tests, I never know which one to go for. The CBD ones make it black and white, but reading this forum, apparently some girls get faint BFP line on the other ones so might go for a line one next time, just to prolong the dream...

  • Well its my day off so have lots of housework to catch up on plus i should be revising have exams next week - oops!
  • Squidlersimons - I don't have to write about irons all the time, thank the lord. Sometimes I write about shavers too. Or just do feature writing for papers. Whatever there is to pay the bills! But writing about wine sounds fantastic. I am rather jealous.

    I think I might go and get a Clear Blue one. I'll all for prolonging the dream (hence no testing so far) but I feel I just want to know. And if I'm not, I can have a big glass of wine when I'm out this evening!
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