have just tested on a superdrug test..........

the line is a lil bit more visable than on the asda one yesterday!!! it took about 3 - 4 mins to come thru tho dos that sound right?? there is defo a line there but still really faint, the tests are buy two packs for 8 quid so i have plenty to do one every morning, im due af on friday, please please please god let this be my bfp!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

oh and what is an evap line, iv heard of them??? hope this isnt one!!! but defo had lines yest too , god im stressin a bit?? haha

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  • Ooh that sounds good!! Have my fingers crossed for you!

  • thanks hun!!! iv everythin crossed too xxx
  • fingers crossed from fingers crossed lol!

    xx good luck
  • haha thank you fingers crossed!!! just wish it was friday already!!! lol xxx
  • Hi Hun, i think an evap line tends not to have a colour ie. If the control line on the test is pink then the second line, even if it's faint tends to have a pink tinge to it. Evap tends to be the same colour as the test itself, just a wetter version!

    If that all makes sense?

    Sounds good though hun!
  • thanks lady2188!!! its defo a faint pink line, now im telling myself that it only apperard after 10 mins, but im just reading things on the net and stressing, it was roughly about 4 mins before it showed up, but it was the same yest on the asda tests i did but not as visable, still not taking it as a positive until i get a big fat line!!! lol!!! xxx
  • I bet it feels as though the week is going to drag till Friday comes! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you! I would be high as a kite ha ha xx



  • A line is a line hun if it has colour to it you are knocked up! See you in DIJ!!!! image Mine is faint too but pink and there, I'm only 10dpo so that is what I would expect at this point - it sounds like you are right at about the same stage.
  • thats great news, try again 2moro? do u have a pic? xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Fingers crossed for you hun!!...sounds really positive...!

  • thanks so much girls for your comments! I feel in limbo cos dont wanna get my hopes up but when i tested last month there were defo no lines so it looks hopeful, with my first baby i remember the line there straight away and bright pink but i think i tested after my missed af i cant remember, my friend is poppin round in a bit as she has a clear blue digital which she said i can have, im scared to do it but if i am its goin to show up right? Its only 3 days really from af being due, im so nervous! X x x
  • hey me! I do have a pic but no idea how to put it on? Ill have a play and see lol! X x x
  • sounds very positive for u hun, really hope im joining u in dij too, looking less likely but im still hoping! x
  • Hi, sounds good Hun, I got my bfp with a sd test on 12dpo with a pale pink line then next day it was darker and then on the day af was due I got a pregnant 1-2 on clearblue digital. Hope to see you in dij x x
  • same here mine has pink line to it got a DR appointment to go and find out this is doing my head in lol good luck nic
  • clear blue digital result is pregnant 1-2 weeks! Oh my god im so happy! So happy so happy! X x x
  • Ah Nicxxx I am so happy so happy for you. Bet you are on cloud 9!! Hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months xx



  • Congratulations hun!!
  • How amazing!! Congratulations. I hope I get mine next month!! x
  • How exciting! Congratulations nic. I dont know much about lines - just want to wish you and baby all the bestest xx
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