Did I OV? Do I believe CM or BBT?

Last cycle was 26 days, FF estimated I would OV 14th Feb, I think I OV'd 15th as had 3 days of EW CM, loads on 14th and BBT rose by 0.3 on 15th - yesterday morning.... Ya still with me? Then this morning BBT had gone back down by 0.3! Why? I'm so confused...

Now, this morning was not quite normal - hubby woke me up when he got up at 6:30am and I couldn't get back to sleep. I usually wake at 7am and take BBT then. I took BBT at 7am and it was 36.1 (36.4 yesterday). I was so annoyed I took it again (36.5) and again (36.4) lol! I realise my annoyance and anticipation may well have caused it to rise the 2nd and 3rd time but I wanted it to be high.... What temp do I record on my chart?

I'm so upset, I wanted to come on here tonight and tell you all that I was in my 2ww, 2DPO and that I was gonna test on 3rd March, now I just wanna cry...

L x


  • I always use the first temperature - mine are all over the place as well at the minute but I'm putting that down to having a horrible cold & sore throat. Plus I keep having to measure at slightly different times and it has made a big difference to my temps (have a lo as my alarm clock!)

    Because you woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep you were probably moving a lot more in the bed than if you had been asleep, so it would account for the change in your temperature. Don't be put off my it; your CM suggests ov so ignore today's temperature as an error and go by the CM & predicted dates.

    So long as you've BD'd lots it shouldn't be a problem. Hope you get your BFP! Baby dust xxx
  • Hi Lolly,

    Had to reply to this as it sounds like what you've had this morning is a classic fallback temp and nothing to worry about. I generally have a fallback temp at either 3 or 4 dpo and it has never done me any harm..

    I got my BFP last week (though wasn't temping last cycle - so it can't be a concern image

    Anyway - going on what you have written I would also say you ov'd on 14/02, your temp rise of 0.3 on 15th would confirm this along with your cm..can I ask what your temps were on Monday & Tuesday? Were they also higher? And then the temp dip yesterday? If so, I think you ov'd on 14th

    I've just had a very quick google of the fallback - here's a link


    I'd say you are in your 2ww and are presently 4dpo image Good luck for testing on 02/03!! xxxx
  • Thank you Garfield and Lilylilac for your replies image

    BBTand CM this week:

    Sun: 36.2 EW
    Mon: 36.1 EW
    Tues: 36.4 -
    Weds: 36.1 -
    Thurs: 36.5 -

    I also looked into fallback temps last night and was hoping that's what I've had. Thanks for the link, will have good look at that this evening when I've got more time! I've just played about and put temps of 36.5 on my FF chart for tomorrow and Sat and it told me that I OV'd on 15th so here's hoping my BBT stays high....

    Thanks again for replies, I feel much better now....just hate this waiting game...

    L x

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