FAO Woomummy

Hi Kim

I havent been on for a few days, im so sorry to hear about mc your heart must be breaking right now, but just wanted to let you know im here for you if you wanna talk.

You and Mr Woodaddy take care of yourselves and have lots of cuddles.

jen xx


  • Hey hunny, thank u for your msg, im feelign alot better, i seem to of bounced back alot quicker this time, i think the last one caught me there was nothing i could do, and besides i have to be strong fo rthe boys i do have...they dont want a mopey mummy..

    How ru hun, where abouts ru in ur cycle....ru getting nervous about ur appointment, oly a few wks now isnt it? xxxxx
  • A wk tomorrow aaaaahhhh! crapping myself (oh how lovely) lol. On day 10 of goodness knows what? im fed up of counting days and ewcm. I just want to be normal again and get some answers.

    Glad your feeling better, all the same you take it easy. I saw that they have referred you too any idea what will happen next?

    jen xx
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