Anyone else ovulating on Valentines Day???

I think I'm ovulating on Valentines Day! I came off the pill in October and cycles have decreased by one day each month, last month being 26 days, which means I am ovulating on 14th (according to FF - have not been charting BBT or CM long enough for it to have any bearing). How romantic....Except that Hubby is working a night shift that night so will havta get him up early and BD before he goes. Should we now be BDing every day up to and including 14th?

L x


  • if i have worked it out correct i should be, mt partner is on a 12 hr night shift also so wil have to plaan around that!! good luck all xx
  • *whispers* me too!
  • me too, and were at a wedding this weekend in London and staying in a swish hotel so.... xxx
  • and me!!!!!!! woohoo!!! that means we must all have the same 2ww time etc!
  • me too, valentines day is also hubbies birthday. might do it twice!!!

    going to BD 2nite, sat and sun. hes working 2moro night. and keep fingers crossed !
  • I think me too - or just before. I'm currently getting highs on my CBFM and normally only get a couple before peaks. Really hoping it's a lucky sign for us this month as I'm desperate for a BFP after a mc in Nov.
  • awwww good luck emmaA, baby dust to everyone! im quite new on here, what does CD mean????? xxxx
  • ooo i think i just worked it out, cycle day?? go me! lol x
  • I hope so!! I'm on CD23 today and fed up. Really hope I OV soon image
  • Woohoo, baby dust to us all....we can all go through the 2ww together!

    My hubby works 12 hour shifts too - today and tomorrow he's on 7am - 7pm and then Saturday he switches to nights 7pm -7am which is what he'll be doing on Sunday too so not so great timing for us but I'm determined it's gonna happen this month! Poor hubby, he's gonna be knackered!

    L x
  • aww im dreading the 2ww, im so impatient! good luck to all image XX
  • Me too! I'm so glad I found this site though so I can moan to people who actually know what I'm moaning about!

    L x
  • I think I ov on Monday - close enough I guess!! Hopefully I'll be joining you in due in Nov too!! image
  • Yay, good luck Sun_Shine.

    My CM is EW today (sorry if tmi) so getting excited....

    Baby dust to us all x
  • Yes me too, would be fab as my birthday is 15th Nov !!!! Fingers crossed, certainly putting the hours in !!
  • Both me and my two bros were born in November - I am so hoping for a November baby, would make it that little bit more special!

    CM is EW again today, I can't wait to see a temp rise to show that I've ovulated...

    L x
  • Right, think I'm on track to have OV'd today, how is everyone else doing?

    I've had three days of EW CM and back ache, although the back ache may well be a result of BD'ing and laying with my legs in the air afterwards 5 days in a row!

    I haven't been using OPK's, just charting BBT and CM so I guess I wont really know for a few days, til I see a sustained temp rise! Hubby and I are both knackered so hope I have OV'd today, hehe

    L x
  • Sounds good frillypink! Apart from you having a cold - hope u feel better soon!

    This is my first month of charting BBT and CM and am getting really excited at thought of seeing temp rise. We've BD'd more than ever this month and I've got loads of PMA atm....

    How long are your cycles usually?

    L x
  • How long have you been trying frillypink?

    Doesn't sound silly, I've got my heart set on having a November baby :\) as me and my two bros were born in Nov

    L x
  • Hiya, me and OH have had UPSI everyday since Monday... thought I was ovulating today, but after checking fertility friend it looks as though it may be tuesday? Only had implant out last sat, so its all new to me, and im not 100% on my cycle dates etc xxx
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