I felt relaxed during my af!!

I just noticed how relaxed i felt in the 3 days during af! I wasnt worried about bd, checking my cervix position, looking for ewcm and actually went to the loo without wondering what i might find on the toilet tissue!! Now im back to checking everything working out dates etc!! Ohh well it was a short break from the stress and worrys of ttc!! lol. xx


  • i agree!!! its the most relaxing time of the month!!!! wts it come to eh???? xxx
  • I know!! For the rest of the month my head is just buzzing with ttc, i cant think about anything else! lol. xx
  • ha ha ha i will look forward to my AF then LOL It's mad I have gone from not even knowing where my cervix is or what cm stands for to checking every time I go a loo it;s madness!!!

    K xxx
  • Not only that but its the only time I dont feel guilty for eating chocolate or having a glass of wine x
  • Yep! welcome to the mad world of ttc K-lou. lol.xx
  • Oooooooh chocolate, i fancy some now!! lol. Im meant to be starting my diet today!!!!! xx
  • My diet always starts tomorrow x
  • Fiona86-mmh nice glass of wine. That's whats keeping me going to the weekend when af is due. Haven't had a drink since last af was here, and have been off it for 2 months.
    Feel like going out and getting sloshed this weekend.
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