Legs in the air?

How many of us stick our legs in the air/up against the wall after BD to help stuff stay in/go up (lmao @me tryna word this) ???

L x


  • i bd with a couple of pillow under my bum,it actually helps us anyway as hubbby is way taller then me..then i sit there for about ten mins

    hand stands for me next lol :lol:
  • Well i must say you've given me a chuckle!! Can't say I've tried this yet, but I do lay in bed for half hour afterwards with everything clenched so nothing escapes :lol:

    Might have to start trying it though, if only for the comedy factor!!
  • hi hun. i used to put my legs in air but last month i just did the pillow under my bum (i just got my bfp).xxxx
  • i also do the pillow under the bum lol x
  • I do legs in the air, but will try pillows under the bum lol xx
  • It does sound a little more dignified, lol!
    I take it from "how many of US" that you do it as well, Lolly? x
  • oh another thing to do is have an 'o' after O/H has (trying to think of a nice word :lol: ) you no what image supposed to help 'suck' it all up when your muscles contract x
  • I have a wonderful hubby - very generous, gives them before, during and after!! image So lots of suckage! Oh how crude are we....lol

    Any excuse to have lots of O's!! x
  • pmsl i have a generous hubby also and doesnt ask in return :lol:

    anything to stop the wet patch hahaha
  • Oooh, the wet patch, isn't it romantic?!?!
  • yeah and always on my bloody side :lol:
  • i haven't tried the legs or pillow thing!! may try that next cycle!!

    ooooh wet patch! the part of sex they don't show on tv!!! lol!!!

  • Funny, its always on my side as well! I think there is a conspiracy by the blokes here!!
    I wonder what would happen if they DID mention the wet patch on Eastenders or something?! Hilarious!! Or scary depending on who was discussing it...
  • yeah and always on my bloody side :lol:

    It's so true!
    I've been lying with a couple of pillows under my bum for about 20 mins after-also been using my mooncup overnight to make sure nothing escapes lol!
  • i haven't tried the legs or pillow thing!! may try that next cycle!!

    ooooh wet patch! the part of sex they don't show on tv!!! lol!!!

  • see if they taught sex ed with the right things that happen with sex kids would see its not all as glamorous as it seems lol

    and theres nothing sexy after getting some it leaking then the 'walk' to the bathroom making sure you dont get it anywhere else lol
  • Yep, certainly didn't tell us any of that at school!!
  • nope i had to bloody colour in a cervix WFT

    get your own back ladies..use their pillows :lol:
  • oh yeah the walk to the bath room!! not an attractive look!! lol!! we have an en suite luckily at the mo but its still far enough!!!
  • Colour in a cervix?!?! How bizarre!!
    Don't remember doing anything like that...thankfully!

    Condoms on a banana...I remember that! lol
    I will have to remember the using HIS pillow trick :lol:
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