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august ttc test date?



  • omg you cheeky thing!!!
    oh stop it, im so curious! i think af is due on the 10th august so really i could test at the weekend but im too scared!!!
    im working all day tomo, am out all day with my mum thursday so i could nip to asda on friday to get a test!
    it was with an asds test that i got my BFP with evie!
  • Hi Ladies AF is due on 24th, I will be on holiday with some friends (who are expecting) I'm desperate for a bfp, everyone says stop trying so hard and just relax about it, have absolutely no idea how that works! Any ideas????
  • change mine to 8th august!! im gonna test on sunday, shit shit shit!! xxxxxx
  • Hi ladies

    Should be testing on 14th.. ish! ;0)

  • ekkk mrs waggy im soo exited but then i have moments where i think im not holding out much hope!!! i hope we get a few bfp's this month!! the test are calling my name sooo bad!! he he he

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  • Hi All,

    I will be testing if AF doesnt arrive 13th

  • af due on the 19th, i expect i will end up testing a few days before then!! image
    according to my ov sticks i havent ovulated yet? keeping at the daily bding just in case i miss it!!!

    come on girls!!!! image

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  • how is everyone doing today??? im still feeling down today as not holding out much hope! dont know what to do with myself! got lots of kids to entertain me today so should help keep my mind of things! i just really hope we have done it!
  • i feel ok this morning! actually i feel a bit sicky and have pains in my lower back but im not listening to them as its probably just my body messing with my head!
    im in work till 3pm then im off for 6 days wooooo hooooo! xxxxx
  • Hey, I'm in cd6, but iv in cd11, so will test on the 25th cus my af is due on the 26th (oh birthday) xxx

    could I join please? Xx
  • i just feel really low so not getting my hopes up! gosh why do our bodys play with us like this!! he he
  • I dont have much PMA for this month, but hoping to wait out testing till 12th august! at the moment im trying to count down till payday on 10th! i dreamt last night that we had a little baby boy, it was such a realistic dream. I seem to have more cm than normal, dunno why! hate the waiting, always thought it would be easier to fall pg than it is.
  • I've also been feeling really low, everytime I POAS it's like I know it will be negative, people tell me that worrying about it makes it worse but I don't know how not to worry! I think busying yourself is the only way to take your mind off it all. The 2WW is UNBEARABLE!
    Babydust (and lots of it!) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • yep it is unbearable i hate it and its only month 1 for us! i dont know how you all do it! i hate it already!! my pma got up and went yesterday! absolutely none today!! fell rubbish!! xxxx
  • Hello Ladies,
    I'm due AF on Sunday (8th) so will probably POAS on Monday morning is she doesn't show. We've got my folks staying with me on Saturday night so it wont really be appropriate to POAS on Sunday, so hopefully that will help me wait until Monday. MisterG wants me to wait until the following Friday(!!!!) because we'll be away from home until Thusday night, but if AF doesn't show up on Sunday I don't think I'll be able to resist it on Monday before we head off.
    I don't thing I have any proper symptoms, but I don't think I did with dd either.
    Good luck to you all.
  • ah i know where your all coming from its so hard to be positive!
    good luck girlies really hope its good news for all of us xxx
  • Kelly can you put me down for the 8th please? Desperately trying hard not to test early cos I am in France with my oh's parents and only bought 2 test with me!! AHHHHHH!!!!!
  • And me too!!! Mines 24th,
  • Thank you!!! Going to be going for it like mad this month! Woohoo!
    (sorry for the silly motivational wooping, trying to gee myself up!)

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