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august ttc test date?



  • i am due af on 12th but am really wanting to test on the 10th!!! which will make me 12dpo thats if af doesnt show! i feel really down still today and cant seem to get my hopes back up again!! i just know iuts not our month!! :\(

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  • I tend to feel like that coming towards AF, try not to be down, I know it's difficult, how many months have you been trying?
    love and baby dust
  • only 1st month moomin so cant imagine what i will be like over next few months!!
    how are we all feeling this morning??? im 7dpo now! feel kindof ok today but still not holding out much hope!! how is everyone else??? xxxx
  • I was feeling so positive yesterday, now back being negative again, on my CBFM I was convinced I'd have a high this morning, but no, another low. Then I start thinking, we were BDing all through the right time the last few months and nothing so what's going to make this month any different? Sorry to be gloomy image
  • no its ok i feel down aswell! i just cant seem to be positive about it! really want it but i just know its not gunna happen! i keep checking on my opks but only 7dpo so prob wouldnt show yet anyway! dont know why we put ourselves through it!!!
    how long have you been trying? is it your first?
  • Only been trying for three months, I have two sons from my previous marriage (aged 8 and 10) I fell first month with both of them! But I only have one ovary now (and I'm a lot older!!) I'm so anxious that my remaining ovary might not work properly but any tests I have will have to be done privately (am saving like mad!) Am so happy with my new husband and desperately want to be able to have a baby with him, he is amazing with my boys.
    How long were you trying with your first?
  • well this is why i will prob be frustrated as i fell with ellie on the pill! you can just guarantee that now we are trying it will take ages but when you arnt prepared for it it just happens!! ellie has downs i was 22 when i had her so really scared it will happen again as im 4 years older which does not seem alot but its always playing on my mind! i will be alot more prepared this time if it happens again as we didnt know anything about it last time!!! i wouldnt change her for the world and she is doing soo well but i hate her getting prodded and poked by doctors who think they know eveything (and she proves them wrong everytime!!!) thats the side of it i find difficult i really push her and shes going mainstream in sept but its the medical side i hate!!! arrrgg sorry to vent!! he he
  • Venting is good! That's why we're here! It must be horrible having docs prodding and poking but I'm so glad she proves them wrong, you must be very strong.
    Are you charting your temps or anything else like that or just using OPK's?
  • well i came off pill on 8th and had af on 11th july i started temping straight away but we went on holiday on 20th and it messed them up so gave up for a while! going to start temping again when af comes! i got a positive opk on 29th july which would make my cycle length 33 days hopefully it wont get any longer! af due on 12th which is hubbys birthday!!! really hope i can give him a present in the form of a positive test!! would be a fab birthday present! are you temping and opking??
  • I was OPKing for the last couple of months, now I've invested in a clearblue fertility monitor and am temping as well, am drinking grapefruit juice, taking all manner of vitamins....sigh....I know I sound desperate!
    That would be a lovely pressie for your OH, trying to be positive I think because when I fell pregnant with my boys I didn't even have to try, if and when (pleeeease happen!) it happens this time it will be a whole different bunch of emotions because it's taken some time. Am I clutching at straws???? I find the 2WW so difficult, i become obsessed with symptoms and am sitting at my desk at work constantly poking my boobs and constantly running to the loo in case there is any implantation bleed!
  • ha ha ha you sound just like me! someone said the other day they had lots of creamy cm (sorry tmi) and i thought well that me out as i dont have any but i did last night and this morning so hope this is a sign! i dont have any other symptoms though apart from quite achy!! not had any blood though! i dont know why by part of me is thinking yes this is it and the other is thinking not a chance!! when are you going to test? i am due on 12 that will be 14 dpo but dont know if i can wait that long really want to test at weekend but will only be 10 dpo! ahhh its so tempting! bought some asda tests as someone said they are quite good for early detection!
  • I'm not going to be due until 24th, and will be on holiday with friends (who are expecting!) I have been REALLY bad at testing early, 8dpo, then 9dpo then 10dpo and sometimes twice in one day (seriously, half of my salary is going on all of this stuff at the moment!) each time I say I'm not going to test until 12dpo but I can't stop myself, and then get so dispondant when they are all negative, when you don't test you still have hope you know. those days from 8dpo onwards are the worst days. I also convince myself I have symptoms, but have had the same symptoms before ovulation this month so I'm obviously just mad!!
    xxx I would test at 12dpo if I were you (and also if I had any will power, which I quite clearly don't!!)
  • ohhh that will make it tuesday if af hasnt arrived by then!! yes it is very tempting i am tempted now but only 7dpo so wouldnt show anyway even if i were!! i hate this wait i cant do anything to keep my mind of it! i have tried to keep busy with kids activities so i can try not to think about it but its just as bad trying not to think about it!! arrggg it would be so much easier if you ov a few times a month who ever designed our bodies to do it just once?? he he!!! i keep thinking oh what was that at every strange feeling! i think its just my mind going into overdrive!!!
  • It really is going to be a long weekend for you! my 2WW will be the run up to my holiday, so I at least have the chance to get obsessed with whether the Spanish Air traffic controllers are going to strike! Which (although I will be MAD!) will give me something else to worry about for a change!
    Will you keep me posted?
  • Hi hunni, please could you add me for 31st August. Not got a clue when af is due as only had 1 period since coming off the pill but I'll hedge my bets xx
  • hey moomin course i will ill let you know as soon as i test and what the outcome it! its great to have friends in the same position!! he he he
    hi mummyb2b i will add you now! xxxxx
  • still no signs or symptoms girls how is everyone doing????:\(
  • Hi can you add me... Im 13th xx
  • yep will do hun how many dpo are you?? i dont think i can wait until Tuesday!!
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