Also in YAYB: Can you ov on same day as +ve OPK?


I have posted this in YAYB too. I got my smiley yesterday morning, following an 'almost positive' at 6pm the day before (when I assume the surge was just starting). I had a feeling the surge was going to be soon when I saw the lines on the 6pm test, hence why I decided to test in the morning as well in case I missed it altogether by waiting until that afternoon/evening.

Anyhoo, when I got my smiley yesterday morning I kind of assumed I would most likely be ov-ing today (according to what the instructions imply). However, today I have noticeably less CM than yesterday and the day before, and the stuff I do have is much drier and not even a tiny bit stretchy. The few days before the smiley it was very wet and, although I didn't notice anything that was definitely EWCM, it was at least a wee bit stretchy.

I know the only way to be sure in future months is to start temping, but I am just curious about whether it is possible/likley to get a +ve in the morning and ov that same day or overnight? I am pretty new to all this still and am hoping some of you more experienced ladies may be able to help me out (maybe those who do temps as well as OPKs?)

Thanks in advance if anyone can shed any light on the mysterious CM change on what I thought would be my most fertile day (not that it matters too much as I have broken hubby and he is out of action anyway - oops!) :lol:


  • Hi littlewolf,

    Thanks for your reply.

    12 hours before the positive was my 'almost positive' OPK at 6pm the previous evening (a clear line, but not quite as dark as the control line).

    I tested again at 6am the next morning as soon as I woke up and got my definite positive.

    Sorry if I was not clear - I do babble too much I know! xx
  • a positive OPK mean you should OV in the next 12-24 hours so yes x
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