Hope I won't be back to TTC but I might be :-(

Hi ladies,
Well I got my bfp last week, and yesterday I had some light brown spotting and today it turned more red. So I think I am mc for the 2nd time image

I contacted the midwife yesterday and she booked me in for a scan for this Thursday even though I am only 5 weeks, but I am preparing myself for the worst.

I'm truly gutted.


  • Don't give up hope sevans.... I started bleeding bright red at 10 weeks, it lasted for 4 days, babies are both doing well... They couldn't find where the blood was coming from...

    Hang in there... Its horrible waiting (I had to wait 4 days as it was the bank holiday weekend), so I know what you're going through...

    Stay positive...

    Good luck for Thursday...

    Sara x
  • Thank you Sara, I really really hope it is nothing, but luck doesn't come easy with me.
    But I guess looking on the positive side - it isn't a lot just now. However if it is a mc, they should now investigate it as it is my 2nd and Im 36.
  • So sorry to hear this Sevans, stay positive even tho we know its hard.
    Keeping everything crossed that your little bean sticks and holds on tight xxxxxxx
  • Sorry to hear that Sevans - hope Thursday goes well xxx
  • Thank you for your kind words, they are making me feel a bit better. Im so nervous and scared about Thursday,.
  • Hi love oh no!!!!! what is going on eh, ok well lets not think the worst till this scan on thursday i have heard of women bleeding while they are preg and everything has been ok image

    I am thinking of you

    K xx
  • i have also heard about many women having some bleeding and going on to have a successful pregnacy. i have my fingers crossed for you. i know the wait is agonising and really seems to drag but hang in there XX Bex
  • Fingers crossed for thursday. Thinking of you.
  • Lots of PMA coming your way.Will be thinking of you on Thursday.x
  • Sorry to hear of your scare sevans, please try not to worry too much. Bleeding doesnt alwas mean the worst. I had spotting from 5weeks with my dd, and a terrible bleed at 12 weeks and she is now a healthy 18mth old.

    Will be thinking of you Thursday, and keeping my fingers tightly crossed that all is well xx
  • hang in there hun. May not be a mc. Keeping fingers crossed that all is ok and good luck with scan on thursday
    Filo x
  • Got my fingers crossed for you babe. Keep up the PMA x x
  • Thank you so much for your support, I really appreciate it. Babybump, it is reassuring that you have a baby as a result of your spotting.

    The "red" spotting was a first thing event, and ever since today it has been dark brown and it has stayed light so touch wood it is okay. My pma has increased slightly as a result - so thanks NikR - I must have caught your PMA. i did have some cramps this morning though.

    The midwife did say that no brown blood is fine. In this event, Im gonna prepare for the worst, but there is a tiny bit of hope there.

    thanks again. I will keep you updated.
  • aww sevans hope everything goes ok for you, got my fingers crossed x
  • O Sevens I have everything crossed for you. Will be thinking about you on thusday. Sending you good luck and lots of PMA. xxxxxx
  • I have everything crossed for you. As others have said it can be normal. xx
  • Good luck for Thursday sevans, fingers crossed everything is OK. X x
  • just wanted to wish you good luck for thursday and lots of sticky babydust.

    here is some PMA as well to keep you going. big hugs hun xxxx
  • Thank you mrs e, SB and hyjanea for the PMA, it is gratefully received and hopefully help me through the next day.

    I have told one of my colleagues at work so she has been supportive. I am more conscious today of my lack of pg symptoms, but don't know if it is coz my mind is thinking of this.

    My dh on the otherhand was really upset this morning, and isn't home from work yet. Have tried to raise his pma as well by telling him that it is still light but I don't think its working for him.

    I am so lucky to get a scan at only 5 weeks, the midwife did say they should be able to see something even though it is early. Hope there is an embryo - because I didn't with my last mc.

    Anyway, will let you know how I get on.

    thank you all for your support
  • Sorry to hear your having problems sevans. I have my fingers tightly crossed everything will be ok. Sending extra sticky baby dust! xx
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