hiya girls....some help here lol x

morn girls....

Well its my 1st month of ttc and im CD14 2day, made 1 of those fertility friend charts and it says im due 2 ovulate 2day but had slight cramps since sunday , i BD sunday and tuesday and will do 2night 2, but i went toilet this morning and wiped, and there was mucus stuff which had blood in it?? is this normal? sorry if TMI i just confused as wot it could be lol

ty in advance xx hols xx


  • I have only noticed this once and it was the morning after my ov pain and was CD15 so guessing it was ov bleeding. I didnt know you can get this untill I googled it. Sounds like thats what you has so I would say you ov'd yesterday. I would bd tonight also just for one last go
  • its weird as with my other 2 kids i just got on with it, took 6months 2 fall with my daughter and 3 months with my son,but they got diff dads and so will no3 hve, so i suppose it depends on the mans little swimmers ha ha........ty hun 4 replying...
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