So glad it's friday

What are you girls up to this weekend?? I am chilling at home tonight as I am hung over then saturday night my parents are popping over to say hello and sunday we are planning to go and wathc sex and the city I am just soooo excited about it.

K xx


  • My friend asked me to go out on sat night but im just soooo tired I said no. In fact, im not really in the mood for doing anything lol.
    Anyway, its difficult for me to get out with being locked in a cupboard hiding from aunt flo (the cow) lol
  • K-lou... SATC is FANTASTIC. I saw it on Weds. I am doing everything in my power to drag hubby along to see it with me again!!!

    This weekend I am doing my Dad's accounts again. Such a rotten job!!! In the afternoon Mum and I are off shopping for some holiday bits and then in the evening we are all of to see the new Indy film!!!

  • ha ha ha at the mo I am just waiting for her to find me I tested at 11DPO and got BFN so now i am hoping AF finds me so I can try again. We are never happy eh LOL

    Can I ask you something? You came off the pill like two years ago right?? What side effects did you get or how different was your very first natural bleed?

  • When I came off the pill, I didnt really experience anything hun.
    I finished my cycle and 28 days later had a period. It was maybe a little heavier and crampier than when I was on the pill but this soon settled down. My periods are normally very regular now except they just suddenly stopped for no aparent reason in march and I havent had one since (odd!!!)

    Hope this helps a little
  • k-lou, not sure if you were asking me or babymonkey... but... I came off the pill about 1.5yrs ago (it was Cilest) and my cycles and periods were normal straight away. I might be in the minority with this, but didn't have any problems when coming off it at all.

  • I'm going to see SATC tonight with the girls from work, we're going out for tea first straight from work so i'm really looking forward to it. Tomorrow night i'll probably just be chilling out with oh and then Sunday i've got a 21st birthday party to go to, cos that won't make me feel old lol!! x
  • No joo, mine were normal straight away to. Just a little bit heavier and crampier for the first one. After that, mine were fine, if you can call bleeding for 5 days every month fine lol
  • I'm going on holiday. YAYAYAYAYAYAYA. Should really be finishing my packing now but had to get my last fix on here first or else i'll get bad withdrawel symptons next week!! lol
  • babymonkey and Joo thank you for that, i have had all these preg signs darker nips blue vieins and all sorts and I was told it was because I was coming off the pill. Today is CD28 but no sign of AF no pain or cramps today and i have CM like thick lotion and feel a little wet. Boobs still hurt though not as much and my nipples have stopped hurting so i have a very bad feeling i will be waiting a long time till i get my AF. i know it sounds sill but i am actually really worried and upset about it and i know all I can do it wait.

    Jenny - you are going to have a fab time you lukcy lady. I am sooo excited about seeing it on sunday. i am lucky i got my hubby to watch all of them over the last few months and he loves it as much as me so now he can't wait to see it as well LOL

    Slow you lucky girl!!!!! i sooooo would love a holiday right now.

    K xxx
  • Coming off the pill shouldnt change the colour of your nipples hun. That is a pg sign.
  • Thats the thing it is just the nipple it;s not the area around it. Somebody on here though said when they came off the pill it made their nipples change colour. Mine are like dark one min and then pink the next?? Though they have never been like this before?

  • Hi girls, I've got a wedding to go to tomorrow and then we're on holiday from Sunday!! Wahoo!!!

    Haven't even started packing yet and we leave first thing tomorrow morning cos we have to drive to the wedding and stay over and then straight to a cottage in Suffolk for a week of absolute relaxation with the dog! Can't wait!! Plus it's our 2nd wedding annivesary on Tuesday - I so want a BFP so I can give DH a great anniversary present!!

    I really want to see SATC too but DH says I'll have to wait til it's on box office - boo. At least he'll watch it with me then though!

    Have fun ladies and I will see you all again in 10 days time!!


  • You have a fb holiday honey image I hope you have a nice relaxing time and you get your BFP

  • Happy holidays Slow and Mrs H.

    I've got a work's leaving do tonight, and then tomorrow and Sunday playing golf with dh (Im not an old fuddy duddy), then chilling tomorrow nite with DVDs - one of which I have is Knocked up (put it off from last weekend).
  • k-lou... it is the area around the nipple that changes colour in pregnancy - the areola! most people I know what are / have been pregnant have told me about it.
    think that's prob what you meant babymonkey so thought I'd clarify!
  • I am doing my 4th attempt at diy artificial insemination this afternoon-lol, wont use as much preseed as last time!!!
    Working tomorrow, then tea at my mums. Sunday my lo will hopefully see her grandma in the morning-which gives me a couple of hours to myself then we may go see her dad play cricket in the afternoon-I have friends who'll be there-not really interested in watching him!!!!!!!!!!!!xx
  • I'm just glad its friday so I can chill out & do nothing (well almost nothing) for a couple of days so its nothing exciting for me I'm afraid.
  • No it;s not really the areola that looks darker well parts of it does if you know what i mean. I am a 32 H so i have large areola but it;s my the actual nipple thats dark. It kind of looks like i have a darl ring but it;s so hard to tell when your looking down at you down at your own boob ha ha ha and it;s hard in the mirror because one min i think yes it does look darker and the next i don't?

    Wow some of you sound like you have really nice weekend coming up. I reallu hope it's not going to be raining this weekend.

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