A question (sorry if TMI)......

Hi lovely ladies,
I'm on CD31 today & I'm still waiting for AF to come and every day we get a little more excited as she still hasn't shown. Just wondered if any of you ladies know what CM you get or should expect in the very early stages if you are pregnant? Or is it just different for everyone?

Thank youuuuuuu


  • Hey hun....I dont know too much about it but I have read on sites that it can indicate a sign of pregnancy....I am testing tomorrow as AF is due and I keep getting cm....feels wet like AF has shown up....so I think it could be a good sign hun.....when are you next testing? xxxx
  • When i was pregnant last time i was quite wet (very worrying) it was creamy and there was loads of it, its different for everybody though, what is you normal cycle length?
  • Hi,

    Well every time I go the loo I think she may be here. I have very little CM which I suppose has a slight yellowy colour (sorry sorry tmi) so who knows!

    Hopingtobeamummy - I'm going to wait until Fri to test again. Did a FR yesterday (late afternoon and it was bfn) Not going to give up hope just yet!

    Piggypops - I think my cycles are 28/29 days. So I'll just have to be patient and see what happens!

    Thanks for your quick replies!
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