Symptoms before AF due??

Hi everyone
Sorry, I don't know all the TTC terminology but basically we've been trying for a baby (like rabbits heehee); AF is due in about a week but I've been having headaches and mega mood swings, also I've totally gone off certain foods. Theres no point doing a test now, but just wondered is this me wanting to be PG so much that I'm imagining things, or can you get symptoms before AF is even due??

Thanks xx


  • dunno sweetie, but i too have had mood swings, teary ness , headaches woke up this morning eaving as i felt sick but is it cos i'm hoping? This is month 5 for us. Xxx
  • AF symptoms and pregs symptoms can be very similar so iti's hard to say.... I'm testing 2morrow or Monday and have a few similar symptoms (total aversion to coffee) which I had with dd as well... GL,
    you prob. wont' know for another week or so...

  • I know, and I'm getting so impatient. This is only month 2 for us, but thats how long it took with ds...
    I cooked some mackerel last night and the smell of it made me feel really sick which was quite unusual. Yes, could be just hoping.
    You never know, though!
    Frillypink lots of babydust for your testing 2moro x
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