bummed... ovulated, period a week late and no BFP

Hello ladies,

Sorry I went a bit quiet back there. I have been busy going off and getting hitched. DH (I love saying that!) and I have been TTC since October after I was given the all clear for cervical cancer. I had an operation to remove a small amount of my cervix but have been told that it should not affect my ability to get pregnant.

So, no BFP as yet. We are using a CBFM and last month started to use zestica too. For some reason I ovulated 10 days late in November (maybe due to wedding related stress?) so I was due my period on the 8th of december, rather than on the 28th of November as expected. I was on honeymoon at this time and had taken along both tampons and HPTs to account for any eventuality. On the 3rd of December (5 days before my period was due) I noticed the tiniest amount of bloody CM when I wiped but not enough to use a tampon. I didn't get any more bleeding. I got a bit excited thinking perhaps it could be implantation bleeding as we'd tried really hard this month, BDing on all the right days and using the zestica too.

I waited until the 8th to test but got a BFN, I thought that it could be a shy bean, so waited another 3 days to test and got another BFN and I took a final test last night when we got back off honeymoon - also a BFN. So, my period is 7 days late and no BFP. I don't have any signs of pregnancy so don't really think it's happened this month, but i'd just like my period now so I can get on with trying.

I read on the internet that stress, excitement and travel can cause some women to 'miss' a period, so given that I've just got married and been on honeymoon that sounds likely, but apparently if you have ovulated, you should get your period no matter what. I am so confused. Can anyone shed any light on this?


Sarah xxx


  • Hi Chick

    Firstly congrats on the wedding!!!

    I ttc the month before our wedding and was due AF on the day we flew on honeymoon!....It never arrived.....I was 12days late in the end. I'm not sure if I had a chempreg that month or not as we tested and got an incredibly light light line but then AF came two days later.....So discounted it and put it down to stress.
    However, whilst I was waiting I was googling like a mad woman and so many stories on the internet of a BFP not showing up for like 2week+ after AF was due.

    So it ain't over till the fat lady sings...It is pants though, i was in the same situation as you, just wanted to know either way rather then be in limbo land.

    PP84 x
  • Hi Mrs PP84,

    Thanks so much for your reply. I suppose there's no wonder that
    my cycle would be messed up given the stress of the wedding but I was so hoping we'd done it this month... It would've been been the cherry on the cake and so welcome, especially after the crap we've had this year.

    I'll just have to sit tight and see what happens I guess but I so wanted to get on with using our CBFM and have no idea when or if to start peeing on my sticks again. Bah!

  • Hey pet, I had a similar thing at the end of October. We'd gotten married on 28th August then went on honeymoon for 3 weeks. Anyway, mid-October I got my coil out and then my period was over a week late. I was driving myself crazy POAS (luckily I had some 99p cheapies from Home Bargains or I'd have spent a fortune!)
    I was gutted when AF did eventually show up. I think it was just down to the stress of the wedding in the previous few months and then the long haul honeymoon messing with my body clock!
    Fingers crossed either a BFP or AF show up for you soon! xx
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