Help A Very Confused MummyS2Be...


I am really really confused at the moment. my period was due on Sunday 20th December. I have tested to day and got a BFN. I have got the following symptoms
X - Sore Boobs (TMI - Clear stuff coming from them when squeezed...not sure what)
X - Feeling Sick
X - Peeing all the time
X - Nose Bleed
X - Headache
X Eating More

I am sure you can see why i am confused. If anyone can help or lend some advice it would more than appreciate.

Many Thanks
Ems xxx


  • What kind of test did you use hun? Could your cycle maybe be a little longer this month? as in does it vary by a few days each month? xx
  • i am not sure what it is. image just now i used a ClearBlue plus. i still have another one so i may leave it for a fewdays and if there is still no sign then i will do another but i am never late.xx
  • i would hang on for another day or 2 and then do a superdrug test or 1st response!

    it sounds good for symptoms though... i had some of those and i got my bfp this morning
  • The first response are good or clearblue digital as there's no searching for lines involved with that 1! It could be that your urine wasn't concentrated enough for the test, first morning pee is the best so try testing tomorrow morning.
    Really hope you get your BFP hun!! if however AF shows her ugly face then I would say make a doc app just to check out the discharge from your (.)(.)

    The wait is awful but hang on in there, the symptoms sound promising!! image xx
  • Hey sweetie, AF was four days late for me last month and I got my hopes up, evil witch! Fingers crossed that its a shy bean for you hun, others have gone a week without a positive! xxx
  • Thank you so much for all your advice. I am going to leave it for a few more days and if AF doesn't turn up the I will test again with a CBD and if nothing I will go and see the GP.
    Thank you again. Xxx
  • sounds promising, good luck xx
  • Sadly the evil witch got me.I will be making a gp appointment about my (.)(.) if it continues. Oh well on to the next month *snif* thank you again for all your advice image xxx
  • aww so sorry to hear that hun, onwards to next month and a new year BFP! xx
  • i wud def get boobs checked anyway hun, sorry witch came xx
  • Hey -

    sorry she found u chic

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