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Anyone seen any PMA wandering? Think I've lost mine :(

Hi there

Sorry to be on such a downer, but I feel like my PMA got up and gone. On Month 6 of ttc which I know isn't very long compared to a lot of you lovely ladies. We bought a CBFM this month but didn't manage to bd after ov as decorating. I'm full of cold and just feel like its not going to happen. I'm 36 and just feel like I'm wishing my life away.

Sorry about the moaning.

V xx

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  • I think my pma ran off with yours!! In the last month three people have told me they have got pregnant by accident. How does that even happen when it's such a struggle to us???
    I'm in limbo at the min but convinced the witch is just round the corner. Where are you on your cycle Vicsy? xxx
  • Hi Rachwill, at least they will keep each other company until they decide to return, lol.

    As many people have said, we spend so long trying not to and then it just doesn't happen.

    I'm on day 21 or a 28 day cycle, so I haven't got long. How about you?

    I've got a spa day booked tomorrow and I just can't wait to just spend all day relaxing (and trying not to think about things ttc and so much more).

    V xx
  • I'm on day 34. Had a mc in Jan but my cycles were 28, 28, 28 then 26 so don't know what's going on!! Before my mc my cycles were 32-34 days long so maybe my cycles are still settling down to 'normal' (I am using the term normal very loosely lol)
    Enjoy your spa day! ttc conceive is so stressful so hopefully you will chill out and find your PMA there haha
  • Ah sorry to hear about your mc, that must be awful. I do hope our PMA's cheer each up and return.

  • Hello Ladies!
    This ttc lark is a funny old game played by good ol' mother nature. When I had my dd it took 6mths to conceive, I was 21. She is 9 now and bloody amazing! I know it's frustrating but the way I look at it is that the baby perfect for us hasn't been matched to us yet.
    We WILL all get our BFP's, some of us will just take longer to be matched.
    We need to all try and have fun with lot of BD along the way as not much time when the BFP does come our way.
    Baby dust to us all xxx
    (how's that for pma! Go me!)
  • Wildthing that was truly lovely and made me smile. I think my pma is on it's way back to me. Thank you x
  • That was nice wildthing! image
  • I'm pleased I've made you smile ladies, keep up the pma, when the time is right everything will fall into place xx
  • Hey Vicsy,

    lying here trying to convince myself I'm ok with af arriving today, so it could have been me writing your post!!

    I too am 36.. I guess we've just got to go with the flow and believe that it will happen!

    Wildthing, your reply made me smile so much! Sorry for g/c...just know how you feel!

  • Hey vicsy,
    how are uou getting on? Pma anywhere to be found? image
    I know how you feel Hun. We are also on month 6 and even though I know it is not along time in ttc world it feels like forever!!
    You just have to remeber that there loads of us who are in the 6 - 12 month group and even though I hate to hear it myself we are all still normal!
    We will get there xxxxx
  • Hey Shirls - hope it keeps your pma up!
    Mrs Cake you are totally right, like I said it took me 6mths to conceive dd and I was 21 at the time.
    We WILL all get our bfp's xx
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