Is this normal - OV??

Good morning - I wonder if anyone can advise me or help me....

The last couple of mornings, I have felt really nauseous like I'm going to throw up, when Ive used FMU for an ov test it has come back negative. I am going to try again tonight at approx 6pm, and see if it is a pos. I am currently CD15 of a 30 day cycle so would have thought I would be ovulating over the next couple of days anyway.....has anyone else felt like this??? xx

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  • Forgot to add - have lots of CM this morning too xx
  • Hi hun,

    Alot of women get ovulation sickness so that could explain you feeling nauseous, and of course the CM too. It's only pg tests that you use FMU for, for iv tests they recommend you do it in the mid afternoon as FMU is too concentrated to detect a surge.

    It sounds very positive to me! Let us know how the next ov test goes xx
  • Hey

    My OV tests says to NOT use FMU as LH levels build throughout the day - so this may explain the
    -ve test result. Mine says to test between 10am-8pm and to try and test the same time each day.

    I tested around midday and got a +ve that way image)

    Hope that helps

  • Ahh thanks for the replies. Ive been using CBD ov tests and I thought I had read you can use any urine any time of day - oh well, DH and I have been BDing daily for the last week or so, so maybe I managed to catch it anyway!!!! image
    If not theres always next month....i'll post later if all goes well with the next sample xx
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