What do we need to do?

I've worked out when I should be ovulating this month and the peak dates it has shown on the ovulation calendar thing is 23rd - 28th.. now are we supposed to B/D every day during that time or every other day?? What about before and after those dates?? I honestly thought I knew about all this kind of stuff but now we are TTC I've realised i know nothing!!!!


  • Hubby and I are just bd every other day all month, and trying not to think about OV or anything. I would say every other day even through OV cos it takes 24-48 hours for his swimmers to regenerate xxxxxx
  • Thanks Stace, i think i'll follow your plan, every other day all month seems sensible.!
  • Hi Katielouxx, just because an online calculator says you are going to OV at a certain time doesn't mean you will, everyone's bodies are different and OV at different times.

    If you find the post on here called the great sperm race the doctor says on there you should aim to BD every 2-3 days to keep the sperm fresh and lively and to get the best chance of hitting the right times x
  • hey can i add on 2 this post as i dont know much about this when we conceived LO we literaly BD every day for the month (or untill i found out i was preg) is there a reason u shouldnt do it every day? im so confused? xxx
  • Me too!! When conceived little one it was because (i think, not sure now) that we did it every day during that window (so for about 5-7 days). I used the online calculator and also took more notice of mucus (yuk, sorry) and found that more reliable.
    Not sure about not doing it every day. WOuld be worried we would miss out. Mind you it would also take the pressure off.
  • oh this is all so confusing!!! I based my OV on the fact that i get strong OV pains and my cycles are regular so worked out when my period is due and counted back 14 days from there, I used the calculator just to get a rough idea but probably have taken it a bit too literally!!! how on earth do people fall pregnant by accident it's all so technical!I'm beginning to wish the stork was real lol
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