Hubby making me feel so bad!!!

Is anyone else's hubby like mine???
He wants a baby SO much and its killing me not being able to tell him I'm pregnant yet!
Every day I get a text about how much he wants me to be pregnant and he's always asking if I feel 'preggy' yet.
Today he told me he wants a baby boy to play rugby with!
I love him to bits and love that he's so excited about this and I know he really wants one, but every month that goes past brings him so so much disappointment!!!



  • Awww joo, dont feel bad, you are both trying to make this baby together, its nobodys fault that it hasnt happened yet. I think you should tell him how you feel, he sounds like a very loving and understanding oh. How long have you been trying now hun? xxxx
  • Oh babe, I would say talk to him and let him know how you feel. Tell him you feel like your letting him down(even though there is no wayyou are) so he can understand how you feel.

    My hubby is a little bit like that when i did my test this sat he was soo sad about it , it really did make me feel awful but it takes two people to make a baby loveimage
    k XX
  • Thanks you two... I've def. told him how I feel - but I still kind of do feel responsible - with it being my body the little thing has to set up home in! I know that's silly 'cos it does take two people. We've only been trying for 4 months (this cycle is month 4) so I feel a fraud moaning so much! I just honestly didn't think it would take long, I was naive to think it'd happen straight away!

  • Awwww youll get there soon hun! Im on 4mth too,i thought it would have happened by now too! Trying ovk now so fingers crossed for us both xxx
  • Hey Joo,

    My hubby was exactly like this, if anything he was more dissapointed when my af turned up than I was. In the end he became so obsessed that I said I didn't want to try anymore cos the pressure was getting to me too much. So we sat down and talked about it and agreed to not be so obsessed with symptom spotting and stopped using ov sticks etc and then on month 7 I got my bfp.

    I hope you get your BFP soon hun, tell your hubby to chill out and make him see how it is affecting you because the more pressure you are under the less likely your body is too work.

    37 + 1 Weeks
  • My other half is so supportive of me, because i am the one that obsesses over everything. He is desperate to be a dad, but puts me and my feelings before anything else. He's so great. Im very lucky to have him.

  • Men are not as good as us girls as reading the signs. He properly has no idea how you feel so do talk with him.

    My OH went on and on about it for a while until I pointed out that the pressure was stressing me out. He said it was his way of letting me know he still wants a baby as much as me and that he didn't know how else to show it (didn't want to buy baby bits as it was way to early and was worried if he bought me flowers all the time I would think he was having an affair). It was just his way (bless him).

    If you explain yourself and be open about it you will relax and you never know, that could be all you need to get your BFP.

    Good luck. x x
  • I have to say im relieved when my OH gets dissapointed because I went through a stage of convincing myself I had talked him into it and he wasnt ready but when he asks me daily if there is any sign of a symptom or now my af im pleased and was very sad when I told him im sure we hadnt done it this month. But I do also see it from the other side - you do kinda feel its your fault but it could be easily their fault too. Just try not to think of it like though - a friend of mine took more than a year - they had tests etc, they were both fine and they ended up conceiving a healthy baby boy naturally - it just took time. Im sure your OH realises that for some it happens quickly whereas for others it takes a little longer - he just wants one as badly as you do...he doesnt mean to make you feel pressured. He probably feels the pressure too.
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