Arrrrgh.. is she coming or not???

So... AF is due today and I've been having cramps since last night.. usually i come on as soon as the cramps start but NOTHING... i dread every time i go to the loo!!!! why does she have to play such evil games!!! anyone else been in the same situation with cramps etc but she's stayed away????:evil:


  • similar situation but just had a tiny bit of spotting after weeing!? so now really confused but think she is coming...!

    Hope she doesnt make an appearance for you...
  • what a COW! she already got me so not much i can say other than that! good luck1 x
  • she is officially top of my hate list! this is our 5th month and i'm really finding it mentally exhausting!! image
  • awww no! i see youve only posted a few times, i only joined a little while ago, but i find coming on here speaking to other people about it, really makes me fel better! i have nothing better to do at work, so i reply to loads of posts to keep me feeling motivated all the time, also seeing all the BFPs turn up is great and helps me stay positive! i would suggest being a saddo like the rest of us and spend all your time on BE! lol x
  • I've been reading posts for months now and it was only yesterday that i thought i take the plunge and join!! it really does help talking to people in the same situation doesn't it! My OH thinks i shouldn't obsess about it so much but it's impossible!! how long have you been TTC? x
  • yeah my h2b does too! lol, been trying since 28th jan, just had my first real AF. dont want to speak to h2b or family too much about it coz they get fed up of me goin on and on, and with wedding stuff too lol, so i come on here to chat and vent and makes me feel so much better about everything! its not over yet tho hun, whens she due? x

    and yes it is impossible not to obsess, i promised myself i wouldnt symptom spot etc, but what was i doing every twinge and fart after OV and i was thinkin oo am i arnt i lol, MADNESS! lol
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