Bit of advice - getting sperm analysis results tomorrow

Hi - only posted a couple of times on here, but found the feedback really useful, so I am hoping you girles can help me again.

Having been to the doctors a couple of weeks ago as we have had no luck ttc after my miscarriage last may, he recommened that I go for a blood test (21 days) and my dh go for sperm analysis

My dh went for a sperm test last week, and I went for a blood test on friday. Well I phoned up the doctors and spoke to the recptionist to see whether the results were in and she has said my results are fine, but my dh results say he needs to come and see the gp, and I've booked an appointment for tomorrow nite.

I don't think she should have given me my results over the phone and obviously one of my immediate reactions is that there is something wrong with him, and I'm feeling pretty scared.

Due to the pressure my dh feels at the moment, we only manage ttc around my ovulation time, which I don't think helps. I know I am second guessing the results, but if there are problems with his sperm quality (assuming there is some), are there any ways to improve it?

TIA, xxx


  • HI Tia,

    I don't know a huge amount about this but i think we're about two weeks behind you so I've been reading up. My oh is having a testicular scan this week and then he'll have an analysis. You're right though there is no way she should have given you result over the phone, but re your dh don't worry - I've heard that sperm analysis tests are so hard to read that even some GPs can't work them out. So it could be that she hasn't a clue what it says. In the worst case scenario maybe she'll say his count is a little low and it'll just take little longer do do naturally (which is what I'm hoping for as I think it's the best result for us in the circumstances!). Maybe he also has a varicocule or something, which we think my OH has which is an enlarged vein in one testicle and the heat of the blood lowers sperm count, but it can be removed in a day case op and then sperm count usually returns to normal. There are so many small things it could be which can be corrected really easily. Don't worry too much, I know it's easier to say as I'm doing exactly the same!!

    Let us know what happens its good to chat to someone in the same situation! and good luck I hope t goes ok.

    Rach x
  • Hi Rach,

    Thanks for the reply - cheered me up. They haven't actally carried out any examinations on him, so we'll have to see what the results say. Also TIA meant (thanks in adavance - I work in company full of acroynms so must have seeped in!) but actually, I quite like that now as a baby name now image))

    Lots of baby dust, and i'll let you know how it goes xx
  • Good luck, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's something simple.

    Lol - I'm hopeless with the acronyms!

    rach x
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