Very impatient!!

I'm hoping there is somewhere out there like me constantly checking and fretting about ov

Been talking to mate at work about TTC and his wife conceived first month of trying both times so as I'm in 1st month now sitting wishing that will be me!

Coming straight off of pill had CD 28 so would have had ov around the weekend. At the minute only checking my CM and nowhere near EW then but getting more like it this has got me thinking (i'm a menace to myself!)

Dragged out the diary and found that I'd put a little note in the front regarding last years CD when I came off the pill for 6 months (wasn't really TTC more wanted a rest from pill) and CD's went 30-36-38-33-33-31-34-38.

Now my question is has anyone noticed before that their CD's are similar to previous times when they've been off the pill (am I making sense).

What I'm trying to say is if I followed pattern last year my 2nd CD was 36 which means I may be expecting simliar CD this month and if that's the case ov is approaching (based on AF coming 14 days after ov) and physical signs i.e CM supporting idea!

I know I sound completely batty and will be BD'g every couple of days anyway just in case but I'm so impatient and want everything to settle into a pattern of some description before I get an OPK so I'm not wasting them testing at wrong points! Arrrgggghhhhh and breathe lol!



  • hiya, didnt wanna r+r, never actaully came off my pill b4, so im not too sure? ur right by bd'ing every other day, sounds like the best way to go if ur unsure of cycles etc. im constanlty cm checking too atm hehe. hope ur feeling a bit better today tho? lol??? xxxxxx
  • Yeah feeling a bit better today thx!

    I'm a bit more aware of my body and what it's doing and being Miss impatient I have a 101 things going round my head all day worrying! My OH thinks I have and OCD in organising and making sure everything is perfect! ha!

    Anyhoo though about ov dates last night and just through checking CM think last wknd was too early for ov date and actually I think it's sometime this week. It'd make sense I reckon working on previous CD's.

    I've had an outbreak of spots though in last two days which also makes me think i'm around ov date this week.

    So long and short of it is plenty of BD'g, no stressing and taking a bot more notice of what bodies doing then hopefully next month I'll have a bit more of an idea when OV will be! I hope lol!! xx
  • lol im the same, i hae days when i start to think o no, maybe somethign is wrong with me and i cant get pg? or im not ov'ing or somehting? tbh thats y i got the ov sticks coz i constantly worry somethings not right,dont really get ewcm or anything so fingers crossed i get a + opk soon! does sound like ur ov'ing tho! so good luck xxxxx
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