Time to get serious

Hello Girls

I havent really been on here since I had my LO two years ago but we have started to TTC again and I need some HELP!

smep has been recommended to me and iv googled it and got this

Iv googled this and come up with;

The Plan

??????????????Try??????? every other night starting Day 8
???????Buy 10 ovulation predictor kit sticks
???????Begin ovulation testing on Day 10
???????When test is positive, ???????try??????? that night, plus two additional nights in a row
???????Skip one night, then do one last ???????try???????
???????Take a home pregnancy test 15 days after your ovulation test was positive, if your period has not begun
???????If your ovulation test never goes positive, continue ???????trying??????? every other night until Day 35, then do a pregnancy test if your period has not begun.

If anyone has have used this - did you use ovulation sticks? if not what days and how often did you BD? I really dont want to get too hung up on it. I came off the pill beginning of Sept and since then my AF has been 28 days 29 days 35 days 30 days and 28 days so fairly regular. During this time we havent used anything to stop me getting pregnant but I havent bothered to check if we were doing it at the right time either as I was using this time to get my cycles back and try and get to know my body. I think I know if im ovulating - I sometimes get a little pain and do notice a difference in my ewcm.

Today is day 4 so need to start on Saturday... anyone in the same postion?


  • Hey chick! Im not using the SMEP myself, but there are many ladies on here that do-it sounds like a very good plan too me so fingers crossed!

    Good luck to you-hope it doesnt take too long to get those magical two lines!

  • Im cd3 and will be following this. I started it last month but as I ov'd on NY eve and we got quite tipsy and dh was out again the following day don't think we bd'd enough around ov. Deffo gonna give it another go, i came off the pill in aug and have had 27, 30, 33, 26 and 29 day cycles and last month was the first time i used opks. It put my mind at rest that i was ov-ing too.
  • Hiya Girls - Thanks or the replies

    Katie - Are you going to continue using them? Think I may buy some tomorrow though I am fairly sure that I am OVing.

    Hopefully we will have two little SMEP BFP's in 25ish days time!
  • I'm on cycle day 2 & will be following this plan! So CD 8 for me will be Monday! image

    This will be my 1st time of trying SMEP!


  • Yay fingers crossed!! im def gonna use them as i want to do the smep properly this month although the 2ww nearly killed me knowing for definite when i had ov'd. My pma is on its way back tho so bring on the bfps for both of us x
  • Its my first time too still a bit confuzzled by it all but am willing to give it my all!!

    Where's best to buy OV tests in time for Monday?
  • I'm on Mth8 of trying but Mth1 of SMEP...but as your post says though...Time to get serious image

    I bought mine (Clear Blue Digital) from www.accessdiagnostics.co.uk They were very quick to deliver. I have only got 4 left but the last 2 times I have used them I have got a smiley face on the 1st day of testing or the 2nd so fingers crossed I'll have enough.

    Good luck xx
  • Well a few girls on here get them from ebay but i just got cb ones from boots- only get 7 sticks tho and they are ??20! boots and tesco do their own too but im not sure how good they are. If i don't get a bfp soon i may give up on th cb ones as my poas addiction may bankrupt me
  • Freakily just been sent this voucher code from them: save10 use before midnight on Sunday 24th January to save 10% on your order!

    So I might buy some more now image xx
  • I got a BFP first month of doing SMEP, but it wasn't a sticky one. I'm onto month 2 of trying now!! I get my cheap OPK's on a website called Home Health, I think others get the same ones on Amazon, I usually get next day delivery if i order early enough, i'm not sure what Amazon's delivery times are like? Good luck with ttc xx
  • BE ate my reply!! I got a BFP in my 1st month of trying SMEP, but it didn't stick. I'm now onto month 2!!
    I use the cheap OPK's, always work for me and i buy them on a site called Home Health, i belive some of the others buy the same OPK's on amazon. I get next day delivery if i order early enough, not sure on Amazon's deliver though? Good luck TTC xx
  • They are so expensive arnt they? When I was trying with my first LO I spent a fortune on HPT's! This time round im being good and have waited for AF which has unfortuantley shown up! Apart from the 35 day cycle when I did cave and test!

    Its my day off tomorrow so I might go to Boots and have a look.

    Good Luck everyone! xx
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