having a lil feel sorry for myself moan :( . . . . .

hey ladies. . . Just need a moan before i cry! Im being silly really as only came off the pill in march, was due af today and had planned to only do a test today as its my little boys birthday so thought it would a lovely surprise if bfp, but couldnt wait so did a couple beginnin of week and one yesterday all negative so not even goin to bother today, really wanted a christmas baby too image im sure i ov around the 4th april so thought i had a good chance, i know loads of girlys have been trying for months and will prob tell me to shut up! Lol! Im still hoping that i tested early or somethin! . . . Sorry for moaning! X x x x x x x


  • Hey, I completely understand how frustrated it is. What were your signs of ov? It's possible you ov'd later than you thought, it can take a while for body to get back to normal after pill, although lots of people do get regular ovulation and AF's after first month. Hope you get the BFP you want xx

  • hey chick the pill can do funny things when you first come off of it so i wouldnt think too much into when you ov'd just now until you get your AF gettng to know your cycles etc is a key part of pinpointing when you will ov

    please dont get too stressed out at such early doors and hopefully it will be your BFP x
  • thanks guys, i know i shouldnt stress about it especially as its only my first month of trying, when i had my little boy i got preg with him in the first month guess i was really lucky then! Signs i ov'd were i had really bad cramps on the 2nd in the night and had mild aches then on the 4th i had loads of ewcm iv never had anythin like that before, when is it you ovulate is it after cm?? Should i test again in a week if af has not arrived? X x x thanks again girls!
  • Hi nic, none of us would ever tell you to shut up, no matter how long you have been TTC it is still frustrating to get a BFN. I would leave it a few days and test again, maybe Monday or Tuesday, maybe you ov'd a little later then you thought or it may just be a shy one. my body played lots of tricks on me the first month I came off the pill and still does every month. I hope you get your BFP really soon honey xx
  • thanks hun, well af actually arrived 20 mins after posting this! Lol! Its very light tho so kind of maybe hopin implantation but doubt it! Well im happy in a way cos its first month off pill and was due af today anyway so at least i know my body is back to normal and i can count proper dates now! Thanks again everyone for your support! X x x
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