I did a test.......

And got another BFN!
I have to admit im gutted.
Had a good cry and let out all my dissappointment. OH was great, tried to tell me that it just wasnt our month and that we would have the best fun trying again.
I know he is right and he made me feel very lucky to atleast have a very loving, caring and understanding new husband.

So I guess I can stop hoping that I might be "with child" and hopefull AF will come and pay me a visit so that I can get on with the next month of fun.



  • sorry you got a bfn but it ain't all over until af arrives so there's still hope!!
  • Thanks for your message, but im on CD 36, so I think if I was it would show by now.
    Just desperate for AF now.
    Dont understand why this month has been such a long sysle, its doing my head in.
  • sometimes our bodies play tricks on us. sorry about the bfn, but heres some babydust and pma for next month.
    Filo x
  • Thank you!
    Im trying to keep positive and not stress about things, but as we all know, its so much easy said than done!
  • untill af arrives u are still in the game as far as im concerned, if shes not here in 2 days then test again!!! u never know!
  • Thats what my best friend says, but I just dont see how I could be?
    Why would nothing show up by now?
    its so confusing.
  • honestly it could be something as simple as not enough hormone to detect! you really could still be pregnant so dont cast your self out just yet, like i said untill she arrived in full flow theres still a chance!

    good luck and let us all know what happens!
  • Hey Mrs D, maybe a good cry is what you need to bring on the witch! She always gets you when you're down. Really hope something happens soon, but like the others say, keep testing every 48hrs (expensive isn't it)?

    I still have my fingers crossed for you.

    Maybe your uterus is just in shock from all the bd'ing!


  • Thanks Lisa.
    I dont know what happening, but I have let my body know that im not very happy with its behaviour! Ive told it playing games with me is cruel!

    I will test again if she doesnt show up, but as I said, cant help thinking there would be a BFP if I was by now.

    The cry did definatly help and OH has been great, think he is just worried that im gonna get obsessed and stress myself

    How are things with you? Is that expensive perfume getting hubby in the mood for more bding?!
  • Oh honey I am so sorry you had a BFN, I would say try and relax and it could still be a BFP you don't know, it's not over till AF turns up.

    How have you been feeling?? Have you had any signs at all??

    I am thinking of you big hugs

    K xx
  • Im feeling ok really, was crap last night after the test, but just trying to move on really.
    I dont feel like AF is about to arrive to be honest, I just feel normal. Still have tender boobs, but other than that, just my usual self.

    Thanks for the hugs.
    I think I will be with you for month 3!

    How are you feeling today? Better I hope.
  • Good luck Mrs Dickinson, hopefully no af is a good sign but fingers crossed for you anyway. xx
  • Thanks Slow.
    Im so impatient and thought I was being really good waiting this long.
    Bloody body!
  • I really would say it could be the pill just messying with your body, it can take awhile to sort out sadly. How many days late are you again?

    K xx
  • Still have my fingers crossed for you too Mrs Dickson. xx :\)

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  • Thanks evetyone.
    I have been off the pill since January and had really normal 30 day ish cycles since then and im now on CD 36, so about 6 days late??

  • Hiya - i cant believe BFN!!!!!! You must be gutted. Im really sorry that it wasnt youe month. I hope hubby cheers you up x I am buying another test this afternoon. I mught gat a clear blue but not digital as they are ??13 at chemist!!! xxxxx
  • I am so sorry to hear that but like the others say keep testing every few days you never know xx
  • I will do!
    And you ladies will be kept up to date.

    Thanks for all the lovely msg's. Wish it could have been better news.
    But I have to think myself lucky, im only on month 2 and I know so many of you have been trying way longer than me and some that I have had to go through the heartbreak of losing babies.

    Chin up everyone.
  • I couldnt agree more with your response to BFN!
    I hate them!
    I was willing a faint line to appear to give a glimer of hope-no such luck.
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