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:\?Hi Girls,

Question re: pg tests...

so its been 10 days with no af but do remember that this is since coming off pill/implant so had no proper af since the summer. felt symptoms and have done 2 boots tests in the last week both bfn. However, they do say on them that they can be used after the 1st day of a missed af, but i haven't missed one. just not had one.

i am getting a bit agitated by it all now.

anyone know if i need to try a different type of test???




  • personaly hun i think the cheap test do same as the expensive ones with my last pregnancy i found out with a test i brought for 1.99 from chemist the only one thats prob really sensitive to picking up pregnancy few days befor af due is clear blue. but give a day or two and cheapy ones will give same result.x good luck still might be to early x
  • yeah. and i did both the tests in the afternoon too rather tahn early morning, could that make a difference??
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