There are TWO lines!!!!

Congratulations and good luck for a symptom free, happy and healthy 8 months.

V xxx


  • OMG, there are two whole lines on the FR test - according the instructions we are indeed prego!!image

    I can't beleive it, 9 months ttc and we have only gone and done it. I genuinely can't beleive it and asked hubby to check he could see the lines - he is now worried that when we do another one it will not show up. I am two days before AF and did it when I got in from work this afternoon and the line came up pretty much with the control line, although it's fainter. I can't do the other test in the box as I have no wee left!!

    I know I haven't posted much on her in the recent months (to stop myself from becoming crazy with ttc) so congrats to all those who got bfp's and good luck to everyone else xx

    I just keep saying to hubby 'there's two lines' over and over like some deranged woman!! :lol:
  • Congratulations! All the best during your pregnancy!

  • Thanks guys xx

    KMRose - Congratulations! and see you in the DIA forum - yay!! xx
  • Aww lovely congratulations what a wonderful journey you have ahead of you xx
  • Congratulations, hope you have a H + H 9 months image xx
  • Congratulations, hope you have a H + H 9 months image xx
  • congratulations image xx
  • Thanks everyone just a quick question do you know how long I should wait before doing CBD, as I really wanna just see the word 'pregnant' on a test to reassure myself it's real but don't want to do it too soon xx
  • Congratulations hun

  • Congratulations hun H&H 9 months
  • Congratulations! I got a very faint second line on 20th. I went to the doc's today but wish I hadn't gone this early. He said the line is very faint so to do it again in a week or two.

    Fingers crossed our lines get darker!

  • Ah congrats. I had a big smile reading your post! Really pleased for you hun x
  • Congratulations hun. I got my BFP on Sunday at I think around 9/10 DPO and did a CBD the same day and got my 1-2 weeks.
    I would advise waiting though as they are not as sensitive and it would be very upsetting to see NOT PREGNANT when clearly you are.

    See you in DIA soon hun xxx
  • ahh congrats hun!

    i would say you could do a CBD now, there has to be something there to give you two lines, even if they are faint!.... a lines a line hun!

    (come see me in DIF while ur waiting if you like!!)

    **** baby dust to all TTC**** xxxxx
  • Ah, massive congratulations! It's always comforting to hear of BFPs after a 6 months+ of trying as it gives us all hope that they can and do come along after a slightly longer time in the TTC game! image

    If you don't mind me asking the routine (but essential!) questions, did you do anything different this month, and did you have any symptoms before you tested?

    Congrats again and I hope you have a very happy and healthy 9 months. xxx

  • Congratulations xx
  • Ok, so I'm impatient so did a CBD and it said Pregnant 1-2 weeks - woohooo!! image

    So for those of you that want to know what we did here goes:

    I have a CBFM but after 2 months of using it gave up as I am useless at remebering to pee on the stick until after I had peed!! :lol:

    So decided to just look for signs myself. I looked out for ewcm and we did 'it' twice around the time I thought was right, so not a whole lot. Also we were both very tired with work and stuff around the same time - typical isn't it? - so on first attempt hubby did all the work and second time a day or so later he was tired so I did all the work!! :lol:

    So we didn't even have good sex and the second time I was on top, I didn't put my legs in the air or anything on the basis it hadn't worked before.

    I don't why it worked this time when we had tried even harder with charting etc in previous months.

    I did however know I was pregnant quite soon after. Had cramping on and off from 6-9dpo, which have never had before. Then from 8dpo my boobs really ached (and still do) more than they ever have in my whole life!! I also have felt a bot sicky and had hot flashes the last two days. I even said to my best friend that I thought we had done it then freaked out that it was all in my head so when got bfp today it was amazing!! image

    Thanks for all your lovely messages xx
  • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!
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