Home Sweet Home. Im Back! :\)

Lucky to be back too as me and hubby got stuck on the nemesis ride at alton towers today, i mean jesus! It happened to us before on air 2 years ago! It stopped on the way up and it was funny coz the massive queue that was there just vanished, they were crapping themselves!! hehe

Anyway....... I had a lovely time, bloody freezing in the lake district, found it hard to sleep most nights. It snowed on the 2nd night! The mountains were covered it in. Saw some beautiful waterfalls. Didnt think about TTC until my bleeding stopped. I continued bleeding until monday, it was constant for 9 days and i was glad to see the back of it. I think i had fertile CM straight away so we only BD'd once as we were so shattered. It was nice to not think about babies for once. :\)

I missed this site and everyone so much i had to come online and I now have to go back and delete the repeated posts my phone made me do! hehe :lol:

Glad to be back. image



  • thats good you had a lovely time in the Lakes, its so beautiful there. Nice to *see* you back here again.
  • I've always wanted to go to the Lake District.
    How long were you stuck on Nemesis? I would've crapped myself lol!!
    I hope you get your BFP soon x
  • Hiya MrsPPB - I live not far from alton towers and have been stuck on several over the past few years - worst was oblivion by a long shot, hate that ride.
    Glad you enjoyed ur time away and hopefully u r a little more relaxed now and will get ur BFP soon!

    H x
  • glad ur back, and had a good time image good luck this month! xxxxx
  • Hehe, that happened to me & my dad one year, but think it was the Oblivion - we got stuck just at the top... was pretty cool & scary, and we went straight back on it afterwards image

    Welcome home - hope you've warmed up a bit though! xxx
  • Hey mpp

    glad you had a nice time away although maybe not bring stuck on nemisis!!! Lol

    dud you have a nice anniversary??

  • Hiya kelly, thank god i was only stuck for 5 minutes but it felt like ages. It really is not nice being strapped in and stuck like that. Its beyond our control.
    Didnt help when someone started talking about the thi3teen ride, the fact that it was the 13th and it was almost 13.00pm when we got stuck, I crapped myself! image but it wasnt a friday so i chilled out abit. :lol:

    Hiya JC, I had a lovely time, shame it couldnt be longer and it was a shame it wasnt warmer up north, even the owner of the camp site said they have never seen it so cold in may before. Nice warm house now :\) Well at my parents again to pick the cat up.

  • Hi hun missed you on here!! image

    Glad you had a good time, the lakes are lovely I feel lucky living so near to such beautiful countryside.

    I have managed to wangle an extra days hol off my boss so I now finish for our hols next fri ;\) can't wait we dont fly until a week on wed 26th but just feel like I need a few days to pack and chill before we go away.

    Been a hectic few weeks.

    Glad to have you back, so was it your AF after all then hun? strange about the pos opk you got tho??

    Oh well fingers crossed we will be bump buddies, me you and MrsJC real soon. May brides rule ha ha!!

  • Hey image,

    I have no idea what it was. Must of been my AF but dont get the OV sticks. Might try another brand, they may not be working for me. I told hubby i should get get a CBFM with my cycles being haywire, but he wont give in.


  • Defo bring on the bfp's!!!
    I have till Monday and will test then I think!!! Will be 12 ish dpo!!

    I really hope we all get our bfp's and can be in due in/ preg together !!!

  • Forgot to mention on monday i had a bad stomach, kept filling up with air and had to run to the loo all the time and it was made worse coz i was on a camp site, i had to keep going to the disabled loo coz it was proper stinking! imageops:
    Just felt i had dull cramps/ bloating feelings, there was me thinking its another symptom, even after that 'not pregnant' on the CBD.
    In the end it turned into diarrhoea image not what i wanted on my holiday but it only lasted 12 hours, hubby reckoned it might be coz of change of diet, having barbecued food all the time.
    It was horrible, i felt worse when sitting.

  • Oh MPP you do make me laugh hun

    I am going through similar at the moment, rancid bad guts that are stinking when I let one go he he!!

    I have done a few tests last few days was convinced I could see v.v. faint lines again so have stopped testing am going to do one before i go on holiday just to double check hun then thats me until I ov and am on another long 2ww think my next af due around 6th june not sure as last month was a shorter cycle again

    Bloody irregular cycles makes it almost impossible to get a BFP!!

  • I keep thinking i can see faint lines too, ive kept my FR tests, im getting really bad again, i should be putting them in the bin.
    I tested on friday morning and took it with me when i went to my parents to see if anything changes. I havent told hubby ive used all my pg tests apart from 1 more CBD, he will kill me. :lol:

    I think im going back to my old ways now, so much for the calm approach. :lol:

  • Try using asda tests they are 2 for 3.60 and are really sensitive!!!

    I really hope you 2 get your bfp's this month!!

  • Thanks i might do that, what mlu are they? I nearly bought some more OV sticks from tescos, but they must be crap, telling me im OVing all the time, so im leaving it. Think im just going to go without and just the SMEP.
    I wont test either unless i get some convincing symptoms, Ive spent so much lately, its ridiculous.


  • Hi MPP
    Glad you've had a good holiday.
    Superdrug tests are 10miu - I this Asda are 25 (but don't quote me on that!)

    Get a CBFM!! Go for one on ebay roughly ??50-60, which you can mostly get back if you then sell it once you've got your BFP!
    Would that argument work with your OH?

  • Hiya CTB,

    I will try to convince him, i think if i do tell him that we could make our money back, he might give in then.

    Hows bump? :\) I remember your post, your 12 weeks scan and it turned out that you were 14 weeks. Your HCG levels must be through the roof! hehe.
    Glad to hear your baby's doing well. :\)

  • The asda are 15 miu!!!

    They are really good too!!!

    The relaxed approach is def the best way Hun!!!

  • Bloody hell 15mlu thats good!

    So much for my relaxed approach :lol: , I used a OPK yesterday evening and it was + again, I have 1 more left and gonna do it later and thats it, my drawer will officially be empty, apart from 1 CBD which i will get hubby to hide so i cant use it. hehe

    I know constant + OPK's can mean PCOS but ive already been told im all clear. My cm hasnt changed for over 4 weeks. Its just been watery and creamy but why the BFN's, I might go back to the drs and tell them that im apparently OVing constantly.

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