Am I ovulating?

Hello ladies - I am new to this site, it's our first month of TTC! Today I've got mild period like pain, but as I am on CD 12 I wondered if this is because I am ovulating - any advice?! I came off the pill in Sept, and had my first proper period on CD27 which I was thrilled with. As I had been on the pill for 6mths and the injection for years prior to this I was not expecting to see a period for ages. Would be great if my cycle is normal, but who knows?!
Helen x


  • hey and welcome!
    no real way of me or the other girls knowing but it does sounds positive. For me, OV pains usually occur sharply on one side of my uterus area....for me, its always my right side weirdly! it's like a stabbing pain that lasts a few seconds and i get them on and off for a few hours.

    Its really good your AF snapped back to quickly....I was pleased when mine appeared after 34days (10yrs on the pill!)

    Good luck TTC x x
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