pre seed help

can you guys help where is the best place to buy pre seed from and which one is best the individual applicators or the tubes??might give it a whirl!!!


  • Hey EM it's me!!!

    It comes in a tube and with the empty applicators then you load up the applicators with the tube of gel each time! So they are not prefilled, just don't point the applicator towards the floor after you've filled them with gel or it falls out!!! image
  • I bought mine from ebay and it's the one where you fill the applicators. Used it a couple of days ago and it's great! Makes regular bding so easy! lol!!
  • ahh thanks baby vivvy!!! bit scared to buy off ebay as brother in law knows our id and likes looking to see what we have been buying!!! how much do you use at once? scared of using too much!!xxx
  • Well I only used upto the 1 line as a kind of experiment! It says to use upto the 3 mark but that looks like loads to me! So think we will try upto the 2 mark tonight as see how that goes!! It's really easy to do, just like putting in a tampon really!
    It's cheap of access diagnostic too so maybe buy it off there instead?! Then no worries of people ebay stalking you!
  • ohh yea will have a look on access diagnostic then cheers hun!! xxx
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