Lost track of my cycles! :-( any ideas


I was really regular and my period always seem to come around the end of the month/1st/2nd day of the next month. But in March my Period was around 12 days late! I knew I wasnt pregnant as husband hadnt ejaculated. Been off the pill since Oct so my cycles were pretty regular but I put it down to stress.

Been charting this month and
period was 12th March
surge on 30th am and pm
surge on 31st am
No surge PM so ovulated in the day
now on DPO 6

So does this mean that I am due on or around 9th March or the 12 March?

In which case when should i test I havent been feeling 100% but that could be anything even made up symptoms! I have read about ppl on here that get that too so its a possibility! x


  • My last af was the 15th March and I'm due on on the 12th April and my cycles are 28/29 days. Hope this helps.

    I would wait a few days if you are only 6 dpo, I just read this morning that the hcg doesn't start until after implantaiton which would be around 6-10 days. Maybe thats what has made you feel unwell. Fingers crossed.

    Lots of babydust to you.

    V xxx
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