FOA kimdxx

Just wondering if the witch has found you as we're due her today?!! I'm ok so far,so fingers crossed for both of us!! xxx


  • she is not finding you - I am looking after her! lol xx
  • She still hasn't found me,so thanks immense!! x
  • heya nikr nope shes not found me yet!! god im so hoping immense keeps her for a little while! Im so so so hoping she stays away damn witch hehe x
  • Well i'm testing in the morning if she hasn't arrived by then!
  • i want to but in scared in case i get a BFN! i only have CBD tests left, do you think it'd be a waste using one of them?
  • When were you due on,today? I'm scared to but am going to test anyway!! With my 1st pregnancy i had to take at least 4 tests before i got my bfp,so i won't be too dissapointed if it's a bfn,i'll just keep testing until i get bfp or the witch arrives!!
  • god i hope so, its just so heartbreaking to see that BFN and i think it'd be even worse to see the words 'not pregnant' on a CBD test!! hehe. x you'll have to let us know if you get ur pos!
  • Will do,fingers crossed for you to!x
  • thanks hunni x
  • If you were only due today and only have CBD why don't you wait 4 days if possible then you will have maximum chances of getting BFP! That is supposed to be the best time to test xx Good luck girls xx
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