do you have to have implantation spotting to get a BFP?

hey all,

I'm down to my 1ww (I think!) and so am about 7 or 8dpo but have had no spotting. Is this something everyone gets and therefore I'm prob not pg or is it just something that happens to some people?

I've looked online and most sites say this only happens to 30% of women but it seems almost all people on this and other ttc sites who go on to get their bfp have had spotting.

Thanks for any replies



  • hey, ive been lookin up implantation for about a hour lol, not everyone has it like u researched only 30% of women have it, good luck huni xx
  • I was about to ask this question! I am 7PDO but had no spotting. Glad to know it's not the majority who get it. x
  • i never had spotting with my second child but my 1st i did but i had bleeds which they kept an eye on me
  • I'm 5+1 today and I've never had any implantation bleeding yet. I got a very faint, blink and you'll miss it line on an amazon cheapie at 10DPO using late afternoon wee, then a BFP on a superdrug test with FMU at 11DPO.

    I had VERY sore boobs and had been having a few mild cramps. Other than that I didn't really have any symptoms. xx
  • g/c but nope... i never had it and im 38 weeks today xx
  • I never had it with my first but i had a small bleed at 6 weeks, so i'd already had my BFP, which was about the size of a 50p (sorry if tmi) which the Dr said was an implantation bleed...but i thought that was rather late! Good luck for testing day xx
  • Hi, I am 5+2 and I didn't have any implantation or spotting before my BFP, I didn't have any symptoms either, I thought AF was on her way! Good luck xx
  • I've had 2 pregnancies and never had any spotting.
    Good luck x
  • thanks ladies, that makes me feel a bit better. Think I'm now either 8 or 9dpo and not a symptom to be spotted so not looking to good for me but at least I'll stop religiously checking my pants and the loo roll after I've been for a wee (lol!)

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