11dpo and slight spotting ( I think)

I'm 11dpo and there is a slight pink tinge when I wipe (sorry if TMI) could this be an implantation bleed or AF visiting early??? ( Never had AF early before but knowing my luck!!!!)




  • eeek im excited katielou, sounds like implantation! i hope it is for you image xxxx
  • Oh my God Katielou!! I'm 11dpo today and I've just been to the toilet and there was a small amount of light brown discharge in my knickers but nothing when I wiped (sorry if tmi). I'm due af Friday so I'm really hoping that she's not here early!! I've had funny pains in my stomach for well over a week now so I'm hoping we've done it this month. Good luck and please let me know how you get on. It'll be amazing if we both get bfp's. When are you going to test? x
  • Well i've been feeling really grotty for a week or so too but have been putting it down to the heat! I'm really hoping it is Implantation now! I won't test till Saturday as I promised hubby that I would wait till AF was late.... Oh I really hope you get your BFP and it would be fab if we both got one!! When do you plan on testing?
  • I feel quite sick today but I think it could be from excitement lol!!
    I was going to test tomorrow but I'm not sure now lol. I'm not sure how long you should test after implantation. I don't think I could wait until Saturday!!
    I've got my fingers crossed for you x
  • It helps that I won't be able to get to a shop to buy one till Friday or I might be doing a sneaky test soon lol!
    I've got my fingers crossed for you too xx
  • Lol Katielou.
    I'm really hoping this is it. I've been to the toilet about 10 times this afternoon to see if there's anymore spotting, but I haven't had anymore so far. This is making me wonder if I actually did have any after all, but I did, I know I did. I keep telling myself that I was imagining it but I know it was there. I hate it when you start questioning yourself lol!! I feel like I'm going mad.
    Good luck and lots of baby dust!! x
  • ahhhhhhh! sounds really good! i hope u both get bfp's! xxxx
  • I feel really disappointed!! I've only had a very very very small amount of light brown cm and I've only had it once today. Did I imagine it? x
  • Girls it sounds good for both of you. BTW you can get a BFP before implantation. I got my BFP last time at 9DPO.
    It is better to wait though, good luck xxx
  • well I had a few hours of major excitement and then last night AF came for an early and very unwanted visit.. the cow lol! So on to August I go!!
    Kelly still got everything crossed for you and sending you lots of baby dust xx
  • im sorry katielou, i thought u had done it image xxxx
  • Thanks Mrs *me* I did too!!! It's amazing how your body runs smoothly month after month and then mother nature say's " This'll throw you! " lol.
  • Oh no Katielou!!
    I think the evil witch has got me as well!!
    I'm still hoping that it's implantation bleeding though because I'm not having any pain (and I normally do) and I'm quite light, only need a panty liner when I always have to use a tampax (sorry if tmi). I'll let you know how I get on but I'm probably out this month. If it is af, I'm glad she's come early because I'm going away Saturday so at least she'll be gone by then!! x
  • how's it going Kelly.. I'm hoping it wasn't the witch!!!
  • Any news Kelly?
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