possible PCOS :(

Hi guys,
as some of you know I went to the doctors yesterday (4 time) to complain about only having 2 AF's in 9 months! He has said that I'm obviously not ovulating and they can't check whether I am because blood test needs to be 2 weeks before AF is due, but mine are a total no show. The doctor finally agrees that there must be a problem and is sending me for an external and internal scan! He suggests with my other symptoms that I could have PCOS.
OH is also going to have sperm sample checked at the same time.

Feel really confused! If I have got PCOS what are the chances of me having a baby?
Does it mean I can't?
I feel so sad and confused as I was hoping to be told that everything was fine!


  • Hi wannabeamummy, sorry to hear your going through this hun, first I wanted to say that others on here and also friends of mine have went on to conceive with PCOS so I dont think it means you will be totally out with a chance of conceiving.

    What symptoms have you got that think could lead you to PCOS?

    Sorry to hear you are feeling sad, big hugs hun and hope you get some answers soon xx
  • Symptoms include putting on a stone and a half in weight since coming off the pill and can't lose weight (eating 1200 calories a day and quite active as I'm a teacher and always on my feet!)
    Never had spots before and now getting them regularly - they won't heal. Very dry skin! Greasy hair and dry scalp!
    God I sound attractive, wonder what OH sees in me sometimes!
    Came off pill in March had withdrawl bleed then nothing untill the 9th September, next AF 23rd October - had some hope of returning to normal and since then nothing!

    Thanks SD, hope you have some look soon x
  • My aunt had pcos and has 3 kids and found out last year she couldnt have more kids through something elce(cervix cancer) and then missed af and found out she was preg with TWINS image they ended in mmc but it shows it can happen dont give up hun. Good Luck with your scan xxx
  • Hi Gembags - Thanks for the post, its nice to hear positive stories - Wannabeamummy, Posh Spice also has PCOS and she has 3 kids too!! Not sure if this is of any use (I was diagnosed in dec) but I have started acupuncture to help get AF regular and make me ovulate, meant to be really good so will let you know how I get on with it
  • Thanks for the positive posts, fingers crossed scan date will come through quickly and I can get seen x
    Good luck everyone x
  • so does jules oliver!! x
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