Hubby doesn't like me coming on here....

Hi Everyone

I told my hubby that I use these forums, and he is not happy : ( He thinks coming on here is making me more neurotic and stressed, and he feels we should be talking to eachother and not strangers.

Not really sure what to do as its nice coming on here and getting some advise and support. But don't want to hurt hubbys feelings and certainly dont want him thinking I am a total nut job : (

Any one else have this problem? xxx


  • ME!!!!

    Well, that was until he said he was off to check a problem with his bike on a bikers forum!!!

    I know the thing my hubby has with it is that he says i should go to the Dr instead of asking about symptoms on here. BUT no way could i check in every so often to say "i felt a niggle, should i knit some booties yet?"

    He seems worried that you are upset or stressed, did you say it could be like the YAYW site? Did you use that?

    x x x
  • Yeah but I discovered YAYW only a month before I got married so wasn't an issue.

    Yeah he says I shouldn't trust peoples opinions on here and that if I need any advise talk to him or anything serious - GP.
  • Do you think you are going to go away?

    I know i couldnt talk to hubby and say "lets go ttc as my EWCM and pos OPK means im OVing!!"

    ***I cant believe i didnt understand the jargon when i joined***!!!

    Do you say its just 'silly girly stuff'?

    I hope all is ok!

    x x x
  • Yeah I have told him its harmless and its just girly advise

    "I know i couldnt talk to hubby and say "lets go ttc as my EWCM and pos OPK means im OVing!!"

    Thats sooo funny !! ha ha !! : )

    I am not going away : ) I just wont mention the forums to hubby any more and hope he doesn't mention it again : ) He didn't get mean about it or anything, he was just concerned for my sanity bless him !

    Hubby - if you are reading this and realise its me - Looove youuu ! : ) ! LOL !

  • My oh doesnt reallt know how much i post :lol:

    When he is at work i post away lol and when he is about i dont really look on here.

    We would love you to stay image

    a doc wont tell you not to test to early we will :lol:
    Try telling hubs we offer our advice were not going to be your DR lol sometimes we may even tell you to go to the DR.
    best of luck gems x
  • my husband doesn't mind me using forums.. can't you just tell him that us women tend to know more about our bodies than men ever could and it's nice being able to chat about stuff that would make the guys in our life go ewwwww!
  • my husband isn't too keen on me coming on here either. he's not too worried about the advice not being reliable he just worries that i'm getting too wound up about the whole ttc thing and this isn't helping! i've tried explaining that it makes me feel better coz i know other people are in the same boat which is a big comfort!
  • i told hubby about this site and he thinks it good that i get my baby info from real women.

    I dont spend too long here these days... mostly when he's at work.
  • I had this prob at first but who else can u ask these things to when only the 2 of you know your ttc, its hardly like you can ask down the pub!!!! i feel supported as someone on here alsways knows an answer
  • my hubs wouldnt be too pleased that i am on here!!! lol
    He found out when i first joined and went a bit mental. its more of a you don't know who's on here/privacy/what info being given out etc!!!!

    now i just do it when he isn't here which is a lot of the time!! lol!!!

    he can't stop me so there!! lol what hubs doesn't know won't hurt him!!!

  • mine thinks it makes me more obsessed (he's probably right) but I do like hearing about other people's news. I think nooone would take medical advice from an online forum but other stuff surely is fine?
  • Sorry to gatecrash but i'm exactly the same. When i talk to him about the things i've found out on here he just says forums are for weirdo's despite him being a member of an ice hockey forum. Ha ha. He hates me talking about periods and ovulation and girly things so just try over loading him with information. Worked for me! Ha ha
  • My hubby doesnt mind and is supportive of me using this site.
    But im sure after months of ttc and me turning into an obsessed woman he will soon start worrying!!
  • ive been here for months and my hubby hasnt said a word but then again he would no better than to say somehting lke that to me lol

    i think they dont understand our need to talk about things with people in the same situation,i come on here for support and info but i also come on here for the relaxed laugh we can all have esp when it comes to tmi and sex questions lol

    plusi have made some great friends on here and not just ones i class as internet friends
  • Hi my hubs is the same he hates me mentioning this forum I just said to him look it saves me hassling you with it all and now bless him he says oh has aunt flo turned up etc etc and did you get a BFP its so funny but hes obviously picked up on the lingo on here!!

    I wont be going anywhere ha ha as I have learned so much and got some great advice and support on here so am STAYING PUT whether hubby likes it or not!

  • Hahah! Men, eh?!

    My husband doesn't mind - it's actually me who sometimes thinks being on here too much makes me neurotic about the whole thing!

    He just teases me when he sees the BE pages and asks if I'm an expert - obviously not yet cos I still not PG!!

    I can think of far worse uses of our time anyway so not going anywhere! xx
  • Hi Stace,

    Well my hubby has been alright up to this point, I was gonna slap him lol, He said i could be talking to a bunch of 12 year olds, I was like 'Yeah AS IF a 12 year old is gonna know what HCG is and all the abbreviations along with the site' I mean what a div. lol

    Bearing in mind he has been totally negative about me feeling pregnant, hardly any support whatsoever, Im telling him it aint over till the witch sings. lol, he is a lovely hubby really, he just doesnt want to get excited about it when i dont know for sure yet.

  • i have been on this site for about a year and a half now as i had a mmc in the july then was ttc got pregnant in the spt. was in due in june for 9 month and have been in born in june for about 9 months and on here for 2. im trying not to post too much on ttc as it was getting quite obsessed the 1st month. but you cant ask half the questions you do on here to someone you know, they would think i was mad!!!
    cant believe how many BFPs we got this month image about 1 for every day of the month i think.

    with regards to the health side of things i have seen so many posts not on here. about i have started beeding/i have fallen on my bump/baby has stopped moving what should i do? and im sitting their thinking, what the hell are you doing posting on here wasting precious time. phone the docs or get yourself to hospital which is usually the advice they are given from the posters. but cant believe they had to ask in the 1st place!
  • My hubby doesn't mind me coming on here but I won't tell him my screen name because there's some slightly more personal stuff i've said lol!!
    It does come up in arguments though when I moan about him always being on Call of-sodding-Duty!
  • heehee i wont tell my hubby me screen name either! don't want him to know what i've written! (not that any of it is that bad)
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