Need to ask a question please!

This has been my first month TTC and AF was due tomorrow (weds).
Last week I felt very pregnant and excited all the symtoms were there and I never have AF symptoms till the day before, so I really did have myself convinced. I tested using FR on Sunday but was negative that was at 6.30am. By 9am AF had arrived - 4 days early. (That would mean I had a 24 day cycle?) Normal/Light AF but then today I have stopped completely.
Should I test again? Has anyone else had this? I still feel some symptoms - crap spotty skin, emotional and really bloated. image
Any advice? H x


  • Hi Mrsallen
    Might be implantation bleed. You should test again.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you.
  • If this is your first month off the pill, then it could have been your AF. When I came off the pill my AF used to last only a day or two whereas before it was always 5 or 6 days. It could also come back and be with you tomorrow. I used to range from 23-27 days too, so a 24 day cycle is not that uncommon.

    Of course I hope it is an implantation bleed, the month I got my BFP I thought AF had arrived as I had a brown discharge, was totally gutted but when it didn't materialise I tested and couldn't believe the result. Fingers crossed this is the same for you.xx
  • Fingers crossed it was implantation, good luck xx
  • well i tested last night and BFN.
    I am less emotional today and no more spots im thinking it was AF just a random one to annoy me image
    oh well theres always this month!
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